5 Myths about Online Dating Profile Picture


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5 Huge Myths about Online Dating Profile Picture

There is no dating profile should ever lack a online dating profile picture.  Someone once remarked ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Well, he was right. A good dating profile picture is the best thing that can happen to your online dating journey. But it doesn’t stop there. The picture on your profile also packs the power to win over a potential date or chase them away.


In the last few years, online dating has grown into a huge phenomenon. Millions of users have joined dating sites.  Each of them seeks to be noticed or found. What’s sad is that if you don’t stand out, you’ll miss out on opportunities. Did you know the trick lies in your online dating profile picture? A survey done by OkCupid dispels so many myths about profile pictures. Some of the revelations will shock you. Here we go:


That you should put on a smile

Wrong. A smile in your online dating profile picture won’t solve half of your problems,not if you are a man. Men who recorded huge success were those who looked away from the camera. A smile had no good effect. In fact, not doing it seemed to do the trick.

As for women, a flirtatious look did the trick. Especially if she stared directly at the camera. It had potential dates lining up to view her dating profile. A smile in most cases just didn’t achieve as much.

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That you shouldn’t take a photo with your webcam or phone

Well, statistics suggest otherwise.  For women, self-shot pictures attracted more men. Many of us really believe that webcams and cell phones take low-quality boring shots. To an extent, that’s true. But the trick doesn’t necessarily lie in the quality.

Sam Yagan, the CEO and co-founder okCupid actually admitted something interesting. That intimacy and honesty are more profound in a self-shot image.

But this doesn’t that mean that the other shots are simply not successful. From the research, shots taken by a webcam or phone just recorded more success than the latter.


That men should not show off their chest

Showing off your abs or fit body works magic. Potential dates will line up at your profile to have a moment with you.  Results from the survey actually support this. Those with a picture showing off their abs on their online dating profile performed quite well.  Having a shirt on just didn’t do the trick.

Same effect was observed in the ladies who showed off some little cleavage. They performed 49% better than those who didn’t. An average photo attracted very few people.

Interestingly, in both cases, younger people who showed off their abs/cleavages performed quite well.  Younger means those aged 30 years and below.


That a profile picture should always reveal your face

According to the survey, this didn’t have any effect. Hiding or revealing your face won’t affect your dating profile’s potential. But a online dating profile picture that communicated an unusual message did. Especially when it was unusual, alluring or mysterious.


Do it right, Do it now

So there you have it. Do you want to attract as many potential dates as possible? Start off by dispelling this myths. Do it today. If you do it well, expect potential dates to line up on your online dating profile soon.


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