5 Practical Tips On How To Start Dating A Friend


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5 Practical Tips On How To Start Dating A Friend

Many people seem to find it awkward and controversial when a person dates a close friend, however, upon closer scrutiny, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try when dating a friend. If you have romantic feelings for a woman, you should definitely pursue her regardless of your friendship. Of course, starting a romantic relationship with a friend has its own extra barriers. You have known each other for too long that the mere act of telling her your feelings require additional courage and confidence. But it can be done if you play your cards right. Below are some very practical tips that you can follow if you have intentions of dating a friend.

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1) Look for hints that she also has feelings for you

This is the first step in figuring out if dating a friend is a good idea. These hints can be either verbal or physical. Does she flirt with you sometimes? Does she make green jokes in front of you? Is she fond of sexual innuendos? Does she get close to you too often than necessary? These are just some of the hints you should look for.

2) Plant the seed

After determining that your friend may have the same intimate feelings for you, you need to make your move by planting a seed. This is a metaphor for showing her signs that you are interested in her. You can start by sprinkling topics about sex, dating a friend, and relationships in your conversations. Be more open to her when talking about yourself. Likewise, don’t be afraid to ask her questions that are deemed too personal. Sooner or later, she will realize that you’re interested in her.

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3) Take it slow

Don’t rush things because it might make her feel very uncomfortable. In fact, you should let her decide on the pace of your courtship. If she says that everything is happening too fast, you should learn to step back and survey the situation. In short, your next moves should be decided by her reactions to your previous moves.

4) Spice up your dates

Since you’ve been friends for a long time, you have to be creative on how and where you take her for dates. This is to ensure that she doesn’t get bored. Think of ideas or activities that you haven’t done when you are friends. Try taking her on dates outside of town to avoid the prying eyes of people you may know. This helps a lot in easing the tension.

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5) Always be honest

Always remember that she is a friend which means she knows you inside and out. One single lie from you can ruin the whole relationship. That said, always make it a point to be as truthful as you can especially when it comes to personal matters. It will be easier for her to trust you if she knows that you are being honest with her.

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The bottom line here is that you shouldn’t be afraid to woe a friend if you have intimate feelings for her. You have to take your chance or you’ll regret not telling her your true feelings. Coming out to her is the most difficult aspect of the process but it should be smooth sailing from there on. Once she is aware that you want to take the friendship to another level, all you need to do is play along with her moves. If the feelings are mutual, then there’s a great chance you’ll end up in each other’s arms. In short, dating a friend isn’t as bad or awkward as everybody wants you to believe. It’s actually fun, exciting, and challenging.



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