5 Ways On How To Make A Bisexual Relationship Work


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5 Ways On How To Make A Bisexual Relationship Work

It’s a lot easier being a bisexual today because more people have accepted the fact that bisexuals exist. The fear and controversy surrounding the term are starting to break down. However, entering into a bisexual relationship may not be an easy task. There are certain things you should know to help ensure that the relationship works. There are specific differences when it comes to dating someone who is attracted to both gender orientations. The more aware you are about these differences, the better you will be. Below is a quick overview of some of the ways on how you can maintain a healthy and intimate relationship with a bisexual.

 Let things happen naturally

The number one reason why some bisexual relationships fail is because the lovers often try to rush things to get where they want to be. For instance, they forego the courtship process and instantly become a couple. Or they get married right away without considering all the factors. If you do things too fast, things will also fall apart faster. With that said, you need to be patient and let things happen naturally. Let your love grow and mature before you decide to take it to the next level.

Don’t expect everyone to agree with your bisexual relationship

You have to understand that bi-phobia still exists. Those who don’t agree with your relationship can be a friend or a family member. If you accept this fact, it will be a lot harder for people to get into your nerves. You should learn to ignore people who criticize your romance choices. You should also take the time to teach your lover on how to deal with such negative criticisms.

Establish a meaningful routine

Some refer to this as a love ritual. Basically, both of you come up with a time or schedule wherein you go out for a date or to do something unique. For instance, Friday night is movie night or Saturday is picnic day. This routine allows you to always keep in touch and enjoy each other’s company.

Surprise your lover

Keep things exciting by treating your lover with surprises. You can take her to a special date night, send her flowers at her place of work, or serenade her when you get home. Be creative and your bisexual relationship will flourish.

Always listen to what she has to say

A lot of people take this for granted and end up souring their relationships. Listening to what she has to say enables you to realize her needs and wants. It also helps you in preventing arguments.

Bisexuals are different with different needs

In conclusion, the most important thing you should always remember is that bisexuals are different. They have different needs. They have different moods. And they profess or show their love and appreciation in different ways. You don’t have to adapt to them. You just have to understand them for who they are. Understand them in as much as they try to understand you. If you do all of these things, making your bisexual relationship work shouldn’t be too difficult. Loving each other means understanding each other’s peculiarities. Learn to either give in or reach out.


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