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The most popular Adult sex and Hookup sites

For a lot of people, it is not always an easy task to get an adult partner, or partners when searching on majority of adult sex and hookup sites, especially for those who are less confident to be sexually liberated. For those people, we recommend the following top online adult sex and hookup sites when choosing your partners.



Brief outline for becoming a membership

Exciting member activities

The site abounds with fun and exciting features. Members can enter live chat rooms and chat up models, enjoy viewing live webcam shows of members, vote for their favourite photos, album, video and hottest members’ competitions and read magazines and user blogs. One can also upload videos and blogs or try out the different chat rooms. Other activities include creating or sharing bling, which are icons that display their interests and personality.

If a person finds someone they like, they can add them as friends, send them emails or make them members of their hot lists. The site offers a guarantee of getting sex or three months free membership, provided one follows a small list of simple rules. These rules are: logging in at least once in each month, ensuring to send 3 or more emails each month and making one or more group or blog posts every month.

Signing up stage

The process of signing up is brief. A person is only required to answer a few questions about himself or herself and their preferences, and then upload a photo of themselves. The profile can be bulked-up later, where there are multiple-choice and free-format questions to be answered, and also an entertaining question session called ‘Purity Survey’. One can also upgrade to full membership after sampling the free experience.

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Safety features

The site’s popularity, in part, stems from its commitment to the security of members. New members are meticulously reviewed before getting complete access to features such as chat rooms. Also, members can opt to add extra security features such as private call or confirm ID.


Extra services can be added for an increased fee. Standard contacts (from $19.95 per month which can translate to 8.85 per month when paid for a year) allow members to view their complete profile and initiate friend requests and messages for free. Profile highlight (at $9.95 per month or $8.95 when paid for 3 months) enables members’ profiles to have special weight when writing messages, searching or making comments. When a member pays for adult movies, they get unlimited downloads at $9.95 per month when paid for a full year (or $18.95 for one month).Members can pay by electronic check or credit card.

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User-friendly interface and features

The site features a powerfully intuitive interface, with a remarkable array of offerings and features. The basic links are logically and easily arranged in the toolbar and there is a useful blog for support that updates members on current issues on the site. There is also a thorough and responsive help section.

The Search function

The search function is comprehensive and highly customizable so members can narrow down to their exact preferences. One can also search for VIP members, which members are new or who is currently online.There is also a filter which a member can use to get only those images which are appropriate.

Bottom line

In conclusion, is not one of those romantic platforms where people may communicate for years before meeting. It works fast, since the focus is on short-term relationships. It does not use matching systems or psychological tests, but it focuses on people’s interests and desire to meet face-to-face. The site is feature-rich,fun and interesting, and is worth exploring for any adult person interested in expressing their desires and having such feelings reciprocated.

VISIT AdultFriendFinder

Overview is one of the best adult sex and hookup sites online. Just as the name implies, this site creates perfect opportunities for its members to create, find and enjoy passion amongst themselves. Setting up an account with this dating site is quick and easy. It has a high number of members turn out which increases one’s chances of getting exactly what they’re looking for, passionate relationships. main adult sex sites review 2016

There are a lot of interesting features on this website. Upon a successful set up of your account, you’ll be directed to the home page where you get to browse through thousands of potential matches. The search is made simpler by getting a list of members closest to you.

If you need a face to face chat with other members, you can do so via webcam on the site. You will also be able to view members who already are live. This site is purposed to facilitate easy communication. There also is a groups section which allows members to form local or topical groups for closer interactions. This creates a perfect opportunity to meet people of similar interests to yours.

Although joining this website is free, you will be charged a minimal fee before contacting other members or viewing their videos. This is done in order to restrict idlers and time wasters. For instance, a person will be charged before viewing your profile. Only serious people commit to this fee hence raising your chances of meeting serious individuals to fulfill your sexual fantasy with.

You need Gold Members to get access for full-size pictures of other members or send them formal emails. This feature is only $30 per month or $60 for 3 months, and they also have 12 months options. Once you become a gold member, you will enjoy the benefit of accessing everything, and with a new advanced search capabilities, flirts options, live cam, validate profiles and more. We think it’s worth the upgrade for membership, especially if you are a guy and trying to stand out from rest of those male competition on this site, anyways that’s all really matters to us.

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Our test results

From what we’ve gathered, we confidently state that is a legit website. We have tested it for 3 months and noted a lot of positive highlights about it. There are some fake profiles, but we assume that this is because the members wish to remain anonymous. is a good website with multiple members hence increasing your chances of successful passionate sexual encounters.


Our impression with

To most people, comes to mind at the mention of adult sex and casual hook up sites. It is a highly private online platform that creates extraordinary opportunities for unique sexual adventures. purely serves those who are committed to bringing their sexual fantasies to life for instance; threesomes, bondage, submission, sex in public, group sex, swinging, sex toys and even same-sex relations.

getiton main adult sex site review 2016
Top features
It is important to note that this website has a high number of members. This means that chances of meeting a person or multiple groups of people who share a common fantasy as yours are high. This could be one of the most important factors when considering adult sex and hookup sites.

With the high member turn out, you can rest assured that you will always find active members on live webcams whenever you log in. This allows you to fulfil some of your sexual fantasies right away, for instance, sex on camera with a stranger or sex with an audience. It would also be a perfect opportunity to find perfect matches and even make arrangements to fulfil your sexual escapades.
Privacy is paramount for websites offering such unique opportunities and facilitates this adequately. You can choose to hide your face during sessions as well as on your profile. You can use fake information and even opt for the “choose not to say” option when answering questions. The anonymity of it makes the adventure even more exciting.

When you come across a profile that you’re interested in, you will be granted three options; to email them, hotlist them or flirt with them. This creates variety and instantly rules out boredom.

You will be required to select a membership plan from any of their available packages. Any website that charges its members discourages time waters. However, the charges are friendly and keep you going for as long you wish. You can choose a month’s subscription, 6 months or even a year long subscription. Occasional offers and discounts see to price reduction and extended subscription period.
Membership fees starting from $5.99/month ( special offer 18 months service for the price of 12 months),  up to $9.99/month (4 months membership for the cost of three month), or straightforward $18.99/month. accepts all major credit cards and checks for payment.

getiton login adult sex and hook up sites review 2016

Our test results after 90 days

With the 90 days membership, this website gets a good rating. It has high success rate hence higher chances for you to get laid. The fact that members have continuously got chances to fulfil multiple of their sexual fantasies means that it is indeed real and very successful.


Does it work?

With this website, you are assured of exactly that, No Strings Attached. It is a highly privatized website that allows unfaithful married individuals to have secret affairs with no strings attached. It is a preferred choice by many cheating spouses. The majority of the members are married as well and interested in the same things that you are. Chances of one successfully meeting individuals to cheat with are high.

nostrings attatached main adult sex and hookup sites review 2016
We performed several tests on this hookup site and we can certainly report that most of the results are positive. Research performed on both the members and owners show that it indeed is a trusted platform. It offers the highest level of privacy in settings to protect all its members. .
Membership benefit
Members are encouraged to create false profiles with fake details in order to rule out chances of the information being traced back to them. These are people who are only interested in secret affairs and not actually breaking their homes and the site puts that into consideration.

This being one of the best adult sex and hook up sites, its members are allowed the privilege of making private calls to other members without disclosing their personal numbers. This allows them to freely communicate, set dates as well as enjoy phone sex without fear of being caught getting in their way.

Last but not least, members are allowed the privilege of using the site’s emails for private correspondence. It will be impossible to trace these emails back to the sender.

nostrings attatached log in adult sex and hookup sites 2016

A fee will be charged in order to be able to communicate and view other members’ profiles and videos which members consider a worthy investment.The basic and introduction package is just $28 for the first month. However we recommend users sign up for  longer term commitments bring more savings, down to 18$ per month for 12 months, besides you can cancel anytime if the results is not as good as you expected.


nostrings attatached private network adult sex and hookup sites 2016

Our final thoughts after tested

Although this website is highly protected, signing up and becoming a member is quick and easy. The excitement, mischief and the thrill of dipping your toes in forbidden waters are mind blowing and totally worth it. What’s more, you might learn a few tips and tricks from them and experiment with your spouse.

VISIT NoStringsAttached

Our final Tips to Increase Chances for Sex

Consider these tips when searching adult sex and hookup sites:

1. Create a sexy profile. Always keep in mind that everyone on this site is interested in sex and not a relationship so no need to be conservative or reserved.
2. Upload a picture that’s likely to lure member traffic to profile but not necessarily exposing your face for privacy reasons.
3. Be active in order to raise your success chances. The more active you are, the more visible your profile is to other members.