Attract Hot Women into Casual Sex-Top 5 tricks


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How to attract hot women into casual sex? Interesting enough..

Believe it or not, men will always want to sound victorious among their peers and that is why attracting pretty women is something they are never honest about. Well, I am a man too, therefore I know to attract hot women is not one of easiest tests that we pass with flying colors. But with just a few tricks, you can turn on any lady you desire and lead to casual sex without the promise of a long term relationship. Here are 5 tricks you may need to keep the hot ladies on your trail. They’ve worked wonders for me; they could spicy up your sex life if you try them.


Good hygiene appeals to ladies

There was a time I never cared about how I dressed or my body hygiene. I spend countless days chasing after beautiful women and I never got one. My best friend Allen back in times always had different gorgeous lady every other day. I was surprised by the facts that he is neither rich nor handsome type. Out of envy I approached him and asked his secret. He was kind to share with me. It is all about good hygiene; dress modestly, smell good, shower every day and brush your teeth every time before you go out. He also mentioned, physical attraction and first impression is most important thing when you approaching any woman. I have to admit this was a breakthrough  and I never again struggled to get a lady for one night and a different one the following night.

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Paying attention to her

Ladies love attention, and the cute ones love it even more. If you want to take her to bed the first day you meet; listen to her, flatter her and do not break your eye contact. Maybe you couldn’t care less about what she is talking about, but you have to pay attention. If you are talking to her and you are looking all over, she will get the message that you are not interested and she will play hard to get. Just be there for her and you will have her for the night if not two.

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Do not reveal your sexual intention

I know you want casual sex but must you state it verbally? Ladies do not like men who are so keen on their intention for quick sex. If you bring up the matter in your first catch up line then you are losing it. Be smart about it and start on a general topic. Ask about her hobbies and talk about things that keep her interested. Take time to win some trust from her and then you can creatively bring in your intention. I never even talk about sex and yet I always end up sleeping winning them.

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Be creative and mysterious

Ladies love spontaneous men who will hit it right the very first time they meet. You need creativity and add a little bit mysterious to attract that lady you desire though, it is the first time you are meeting her. Have your own way to impress the woman and she will be yours. You have to trust yourself and always be confidence.

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Make the moment all about her

Are you a braggart? No wonder you keep chasing after sexy ladies and none falls into your trap net. Ladies do not like men who talk much about themselves. Do not bring up your 6-figure salary or your investment in a top company; they never want to hear these. Talk about her and let it never be about you. Be a simple guy and that lady you desire will want to spend a night with you.

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Have it your own way

It’s probably true  that you have already noticed that the pretties women are not usually with a handsome or rich guy around, so you need to figure out the problems behind it and establish your own tricks or two in the future.


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