How To Avoid Being Scammed While Using Dating Apps?


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Dating apps lover? How to avoid being scammed?

Online dating has grown tremendously in the past few years. With several dating apps becoming available, it seems it’s much easier to find love today online using smart phones. While this can be an exciting endeavor for you, there are some downsides to consider. For example, finding out that the person you are pouring out your heart to is not who they say they are or is, “catfishing” you. Catfishing is a scheme that is found all over dating apps where the person you are talking to has a fake profile. Usually the person attempts to steal information from you such as your identity. This might seem a little frightening but there are some steps to take to avoid being put in this compromising position.

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The risk of using dating apps on your phone

One of the first things to pay attention to is to check how personal their messages are. For instance, if their messages seem like they are copied and pasted this could be a bad sign. There are many profiles of beautiful women, or men, on dating apps that may be misleading. They often send out mass messages looking for a response or victim. After you start to feel like you’ve made a connection you’ll start to notice certain signs that may make you feel cheated. You’ll feel like this because you might share some information with them and they won’t return the gesture. This puts you in a bad place because they can use this information and attempt to use it for the wrong reasons.

Never share your sensitive information

Go with your gut feeling and respond back to the initial messages but don’t share any personal information. Feel the person out and see if they are a genuine person or who they say they are. Ask questions like what part of town are they located in, what types of activities do they like to do, and other personal questions to see if they actually respond in a more personal matter.

Identifying “fake” images online 

As many of us already know, dating apps have several fake images or accounts. It’s enough to make users unsure of the person they are talking to. With several search engines enabling you to search for images now, such as Google images, it’s easier to search the profile pic of that cute girl or guy, that’s messaging you on your favorite dating apps. You can actually drag a picture into the search bar and find out where else the image has been posted. This will help you verify their identity somewhat and see if the image is linked to a social media account such as Facebook or Twitter. If you do find the image on a social media account, check to see if it matches the profile name in the dating app. Just doing this isn’t enough though.

Pay closer attention to their social circles

You also want to pay attention to their list of friends. Check to see if they have an actual following of people or if they are tagged in posts. This will help to signify that the social media account is actually authentic. Also the amount of friends and how long they’ve been using the profile will be a good sign. If they have several friends and a longtime active account, this is a good sign. Sounds kind of like e-stalking right? I know, I know, but this is important because you don’t want to invest some of your time talking to a fake or misleading person. Invest the time to find out about them before you invest the time in getting to know them to avoid feeling scammed.

The way they respond your message is important

We spoke to some friends a few weeks ago who said they use a few different dating apps . Some of them stated that they always receive message requests from women who look like models in their profile. When they ask to meetup or talk on the phone though, they avoid the question or make up an excuse. They only want to talk through the dating app or a text message. This is another sign of something “fishy.” If possible, ask the person you are messaging if they would like to meet up earlier in the conversation. We don’t mean, right away, but if the topic comes up early, then go for it.

If the person you are speaking to has a fake identity then they will try to avoid meeting up in person anytime it comes up. If you notice this, then this might be enough of a reason to stop talking to that particular person. They clearly do not want to take the conversation further than the app or text messaging. This can signal that they have a different agenda.

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Still, online dating and dating apps is on the rise

In conclusion, do not let us scared you, go with your gut when using dating apps and keep these points we mentioned in mind. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. If you run into one of these situations, don’t let it discourage you though, because not everyone on dating apps is fake. There’s actually a lot of real profiles out there so don’t let yourself be a victim to someone’s “catfish” scheme. You will eventually make a good connection.


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