Best Flirty Lines to Find Your Other Half


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Best Flirty Lines to Find Your Other Half

When you see a man or a woman that you like, it can be very hard to approach them. If you never saw that person before, it can be pretty awkward to just say “Hi!” and introduce yourself. After all, everybody, even you can be a little reticent when a stranger approaches you, out of the blue. When you see a person that you like, you don’t have to sound boring. What you need to do is look like a combination between smart and funny. The best way to do that is with some clever flirty lines. In the following, we will help you with that, and we will present some of the most successful pickup lines.

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1) Funny Flirty Lines

# You can fall from the sky / You can fall from a tree / But the perfect way to fall / Is in love with me.

# Hello! Can you guess what I’m wearing? The smile you just gave me!

# I’m sorry, do you believe in love at first sight? If you don’t, then I’ll just walk by again!

# Hey, in the near future a fat man might put you in his bag! But don’t worry, that’s Santa! I told him that I wanted you as a Christmas present.

# Damn it! I think there’s something wrong with my phone.
He/She: What?
Well, it looks like your number is not in it.

# Oh my god, you look like a parking ticket.
He/She: Why?
Because when I look at you I think how FINE you are.

# I want to predict your future. (After that, just take her/his hand and write your phone number on it). Your future looks pretty bright, right now.

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2) Cheesy Flirty Lines

# Hey, I think you look just like Goggle.
He/She: Why?
Because you look like everything I could ever search for!

# If I would give you 11 red roses and tell you to sit in front of a mirror, you will see the most 12 beautiful things in the entire world.

# It wouldn’t matter if there was no gravity on Earth, because I would always fall for you.

# You know I study history right now and I’m learning about some of the most important dates. Do you want to be among them?

# If I ever see you again, I just hope that you know to do CPR. It’s very important because you just take my breath away!

# According to a recent study, it seems that kissing is a language. Do you want to go for a conversation?

# Ughh! This math homework is giving me such a hard time! I think your number might help me!

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3) Geeky and Nerdy Flirty Lines

# They say hydrogen is the first element but forget about that. From now, you’re my first element!

# Are you sure that your name isn’t Wi-Fi? I’m asking because I feel a strong connection between us!

# Oh, I didn’t know that you’re made of Cooper and Tellerium!
He/She: No, I’m not!
But you do, you’re so damn CuTe!

# Whenever I see you, my heart has lag.

# Every time I see you, I think that you’re sweeter than a 3.14.

# I’m sorry that you didn’t meet me in the past! But don’t worry, I will make it up in the future!

# If I would be playing Super Mario, then this should be my 8th castle!
He/She: Why?
Because I just found my princess / prince!

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Final Thoughts on How to use Flirty Lines

These flirty lines are perfect for initiating a conversation with a complete stranger, without looking weird or boring. Even the coldest hearts will break a smile when they hear one of these lines, and you will have a clear line to making them interested. Remember that when it comes to picking up strangers, it won’t always work. However, the most important thing is to keep on trying and to grow your self confidence. Eventually, this thing will come out naturally, and you won’t even need our flirty lines anymore.

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