FreeandSingle Review


As some of readers mentioning about a few times on our social media platform, and it is also our first time ever heard about this free dating site, our editors were excited to to give it a try.

Our overall Experience with FreeandSingle

The site comes off quite appealing because it is advertised as being free and we hadn’t thought anything negative about it so far. The website itself is easy to access and has a decent (although slightly boring) homepage. Beyond the decent visual appeal, however, FreeandSingle is by far not the greatest dating site on the internet. In fact, we hate to say this, it may be close to the bottom compared with many sites we have tested.

freeandsingle2-hook up sites review

What makes us say so?

Let’s start with the basics. the site is colorful, with many good looking pictures, and many of these profiles pictures may seems inviting or appealing. However, this is not good enough for our online dating experience. When signing up for a dating site, one important thing is we want to feel secure and comfortable with the idea that this is the site we want to be on. while FreeandSingle is one of the many free dating sites that looks amazing, but when it comes to user experience, it performs as boring as they shouldn’t exist! No one wants to feel bored on a dating site.

We know it’s free, but with all these pop up Ads? NO THANKS..

Some may argue that all dating site look similar, well beyond that, this site has many other problems that extend beyond simply how it looks. One of the problems with this website is the amount of ads it has. Every single time a user wants to explore the site, they are constantly stopped by advertisements for other dating sites. You will see many pop ups like, or Cuddly Free and Single is your best shot? They are all over your screen… (Unless you want to click all those sites and try each of them for free!). Honestly, if we wanted to be on other sites we wouldn’t be on this site in the first place, right? It’s frustrating to not be able to move around the site, and having to stop and exit these ads too often.

The navigation on the site and its active members

Another thing we want to mention here is FreeandSingle has a quite confusing navigation function. It should be easy to browse your potential date, and to be able to look at what kinds of people are registered on the website. While bad news is this site makes it so complicated, first start with you have to fill out lots of information about yourself before you can even look at the other people using the site, this is not an easy procedure. Unless you want them to access your facebook by using social media log in. Even after this initial time consuming profile stage, finding someone here is not easy. After signing up for the website and clicking on the “browse tab” , after we were finally able to locate the browse tab, we were shocked to find that only two other users had popped up in my area. Two users? Is this a joke? Out of all the people they advertise are on this site and two active users popped up? And they are not even good looking, well, we will stop judging people by their appearance. Later we decided to change our IP address to New York, and register a new account in order to see if we can locate more interesting people. It works somewhat better this time, with 5 active members showed up, still we can not locate too many active users. Not to mention if you are from other city less crowded than NYC. What a disappointment, consider we have to change our IP address and fake a new profile:). It seems this site doesn’t have a lot of active users after all, which makes it difficult for both men and women to find someone that they would love to spend an evening with.


freeandsingle2-hook up sites review

Wait, it is not entirely free?

Finally, before we are about to finish our test, we found out someone complaining this site is only halfway free. While it seems you don’t have to spend money to actually use this site, but the “upgrades” and several features on their sites are not always free, I would not argue with this though, since many so-called free sites out there use this sort of bait strategy. By the end of the day, they have to make money one way or another. Still,  despite many free websites do the same thing, but at least they also don’t claim to be “100% free” as this one does even after you registered. We did not dig out the reason behind this, since it is been disappointing so far. Anyway, when someone offers you service for free, do not be fooled by this sort of false advertisement, particularly for this website.

We should give it credit,  since it has the name ‘Free’ on it 

Besides it has a great and easy to remember name, overall, this site shouldn’t be on your top list when deciding which online dating site to sign up. It is confusing to use, difficult to sign up, not to mention it is impossible to meet real people, and what’s more, you probably will spend half of your time exiting out of different ads. Online dating is something that requires thought and care, something that should be easy and even slightly enjoyable. Although part of meet up sites community, we are all about online dating, still is definitely not for us, and probably not for you either! If you disagree and have a entirely different experience, kindly leave a comment below, and we will always keep our reviews updated.


freeandsingle2-hook up sites review

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->Free sign up

-> Free communication with other members

->Appealing Design.

-> Support with Facebook and other social network sign up. When comes to Facebook sign up for free dating sites, we do recommend our readers to use with caution, since it is not a secure way to have others gain access on your Facebook profile. Some free dating websites rely on these similar types of methods to profit, we will not expand the topic this time, but it is something you should definitely consider when using free internet service.


->Fake users sending spam messages all the time, there is no option to block them and currently there is no good solution

->Traditional type of dating websites, nothing too fancy or interesting about it

-> According to the website, new member sign up rate is high, but we are not able to locate a lot of people. We found out at the same time fake profile is being created too often. The member base for this site is relatively small.