FriendFinder Review


Readers have been asking us to write a review about, so we tested the site recently and let’s take a peek at FriendFinder.

Let’s face it, there are countless adult dating sites out there on the web, this we know as fact. However, if you are looking to bypass the soul mate finding aspect and you simply just want a quick, discreet encounter, there is one website that will cure what ails you. That website is FriendFinder and it has provided customers and fling-seekers with the goods to have a wonderful time with all of those fantasized kinky moments in tow and yet be also aimed at creating long-lasting relationships. You don’t ever have to worry about those first date jitters with this site because the only jitters you will have is that hankering, knowing that a hot encounter is well on it’s way.

What’s good?

FriendFinder is the literal king of the ”no-strings attached” websites and judging by the endless amount of positive reviews which continually file in, disappointment is likely never going to happen. Swingers, nymphs, fetishist and just about everybody with an appetite for interesting sexual encounters can’t help but swear by it. Those who are on the timid/shy side will likely look elsewhere but if they just so happen to be in the mood for thrills and an experience they will soon never forget, this is the ultimate hook up site for them.

Low Membership Prices

Aside from the obvious great times to be had, you will always find a really great price to get your thrills on. You can even get your profile posted at no charge and from there you will be able to view other’s profiles to better see if you want become a member.

Voice greetings

You will have the options to upload voice greetings for potential mates and there is even an option for video greetings without any charge whatsoever. You will be able to peruse the chat rooms and believe it when someone tells you that they are the very best on the web. Also, like many other dating sites you will have instant messaging and message boards, which are not only free but they are also considered the very best on the web as. These statements are not only made by members but by professional reviews who always remain strictly unbiased. Whatever conclusions that come about from any given review, whether it be from a member or a professional is that this isn’t your mama’s adult dating site.

It is popular in its niche

FriendFinder has become so popular that is has spawned-off immensely successful sister sites, such as Adult Friend Finder and Senior Friend Finder. Most likely you can guess what Senior Friend Finder is about, it is a proven oasis for those horny and relatively daring seniors who are looking for a hot and heavy time that they soon will not forget.

OK, what’s the drawback?

There really are seldom drawbacks to FriendFinder which stick out, such as there is an occasional highly competitive atmosphere which some have a real issue with. Some people have claimed such things as having their accounts hacked, even though there has never been any real proof of that. Some also claim that there may be fake profiles on this site than on other dating sites,however, most of large online dating sites we have reviewed have similar issue, maybe it is time for all of them to take serious actions. There are others who feel that there are higher-quality sites out there as far as the layout of the site. Other than that, FriendFinder remains regarded as one of the best in its niche if not the best out there.

The Online Adult Dating Powerhouse

The funny thing about FriendFinder that many don’t think about is that a lot of people have the notion that the site is a cliche “wam-bam” type of site but that really isn’t the case. Numerous people have actually obtained great relationships and even close friendships from being a member. It isn’t the adult dating powerhouse for nothing and judging by its unwavering popularity, that status should remain so for many years from now.

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