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 Badoo.Us-Our Editors’ Honest Review

Our reader request us to review reticently, and we understand finding a good and reliable online dating site these days can be very difficult and time consuming, due to the dozens of options on the table. What’s even more discouraging and frustrating is that a lot of these sites don’t deliver what they promise. One of the dating sites that’s getting a lot of attention today is which claims to have more than 310 million registered users. However, this number is very misleading because if you actually register and join the site, you will soon realize that so many of the profiles are fake and often inactive. You have to wade through dozens of fake profiles before you get to one that is genuine. This can take a lot of your time and resources.

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The founder of promised online privacy for all

The founders of have great intentions in creating the online dating site. However, this doesn’t take away the fact that a lot of scammers are using the site to lure unsuspecting victims. Many men and women have complained about being scammed in the site. To be fair, this is not the fault of the website because they don’t have full control over the actions of their users. What the site needs to do is impose stricter rules and policies when it comes to member interaction in the site. In addition, they should also set up some sort of profile verification process to prevent scammers from creating several fake accounts and profiles. chatting is easy to use

One of the good attributes of is that it’s free and relatively easy to use. However, it offers a premium service wherein you need to pay a certain fee to gain access to several additional features. This sounds great but if you actually look at the premium features, these really aren’t very helpful. In fact, a lot of other online dating websites offer these features for free.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for people to have romantic relationships with, the site’s basic features will suffice. There’s no need to avail of their premium services which they refer to as a VIP membership. 1 definitely has good attributes

Although there’s a lot of things that are wrong with, it definitely has some positive attributes as well. For instance, it offers games which members can play to find potential partners who share the same interests and hobbies as them. The only problem with these games is that they often get repetitive and boring. Another nice feature of the online dating site is that it runs on a algorithm which enables you to see which members are near your location. You can even determine those near you who listed similar interests in their profiles. It’s a nice feature that definitely helps you in finding a potential partner. 2

Bottom line for

In conclusion, is an online dating site that has a lot of flaws and problems. As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of scammers and fake profiles in the site. With that said, you have to be careful and wary with the people you are interacting with. But the site is free to use so you have nothing to lose in trying it out. Just make sure to be vigilant about the users you connect with.



->Majority of the features are free

->Free sign up

->American based service

->Socially oriented dating websites



->Their user base is relatively small compare with others; therefore it is not so great for our North American users or people reside in Australia, New Zealand etc.

->Sexually harassment/conversation abuse is severe for this community, and when you try to report it, nothing was ever done

->fairly poor support, you will get bunch of fake invitations and useless links

->Too many unverified profiles, it seems this site need extra supervision. While it is free to use, our editors really doubt it if they will make improvement anytime soon.



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