Mingle2 Review


Dating websites are a common way to meet people these days, and it is important that these sites are safe places for people to mix and mingle and find love. Mingle2.com boasts a free service with millions of participants and is therefore naturally attractive to those who are looking for that special someone. But is it all a scam? Here is our unbiased Mingle2 Review.

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Our Impression of Mingle2.com

Though there are lots of users of Mingle2.com, the first thing that strikes you is how many of them are men. When browsing through the pages for different countries, the majority of them have an abundance of men on the first page. I had not entered my gender or what I was looking for at this stage, so finding myself confronted by so many of one sex was a little unnerving.

Mingle2.com has some fantastic testimonials on their home page of people who have met love easily and quickly. But this is not the only story. There are many negative reviews on the web about other, not so wonderful, experiences with Mingle2.com. For every two happily-ever-after stories, there are many more negative experiences.

The overwhelming majority of these reviews refer to people trying to scam them for money after connecting on the Mingle2.com website. There were also people complaining of their profiles being hacked (often more than once) and how many of the people on Mingle2.com have very similar stories and sound like scam artists. There have also been complaints about Mingle2.com not deactivating accounts when requested, and not being very customer friendly.

Not to throw Mingle2.com to the wolves, but a site that claims to be 100% free is going to attract a lot more attention than one that has a monthly fee. This will attract scammers just as often as people really looking for a connection. Unfortunately, having a free site means that this will happen more often. Though Mingle2.com does claim that they screen their clients carefully and can block anyone who is a scammer, it must be very difficult to uphold this when so many people are visiting the site.


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So Should You Give a Shot?

I am certain that Mingle2.com has legitimate stories of people that met and where very happy together. However, the overwhelming consensus is that this is a website that cannot be trusted to keep its clients safe from scammers and hackers. When you are online looking for love you can be in quite a vulnerable place emotionally. It is important that dating websites acknowledge this and do all they can to protect those who are turning to them for help. At this point, we wouldn’t it a scam, still it is not the best hook up sites we ever tested.


->Free sign up with paid options

->Free messaging

->It claim itself has zero fake profiles

->We are able to find a lot of real people, and same time many scammers too

->It is overall an interesting experience

->Responsible support team


->Our account was hacked one time during our test process. We are able to get it back through e-mail verification.