Okcupid Review


Some readers request us to write a comprehensive OKcupid Review, and indeed we have tested this site many times before, mainly because of its popularity. Okcupid is one of the popular free online hook up sites, and it has been operated for more than 10 years. Based on our editors experience, however, we have to say it is one of the free online hook up sites that you will love to hate.

What is OKcupid?

OkCupid.com is an online dating site that has algorithm for matching partners. Apparently online dating is a very hard business because once you start out there are a number of sites to choose from although knowing where to start can be difficult. The site stands out because it is among the biggest sites found out there. It has an average of 30 million serious users hence calling itself the fastest growing dating site with biggest members out there. It was quite popular during its early years, in fact, there are many other dating sites named after cupid, like Militarycupid, Filipinocupid, Caribbeancupid, cupid.com and much more, though just a reminder these sites have nothing to do with OKcupid.com,


Why it is not the best hook up site

One of the problems with the site is that it has a hive of assorted people on the other end of the site. This implies that the world’s most extreme sexual daters are found here and gather in one place to pester each other. The reason lies in the site since as long as you have signed up and uploaded your details you are good to start. Since you are asked questions at random, the site can easily build a picture of who you are. The more questions you answer the more likelihood that the site will find your match which is not true. This means that without much thought you can find your match. If your sexual appetite is fairly tame then this process can really be terrifying.

The site is free to join and start the dating process. This is another major drawback. But is getting something free a bad thing? This is definitely true since free sites are full of spammers and people who are just looking for casual sex. Even if you like casual sex, remember that people who are keen on it usually put more serious daters off. It may have a large number of people but many women find the constant requests for sex an outright abuse because some of the messages are just astonishing. This is according to hook up site review.

Our Personal Experience during Test

Although you may get what you want from the best hookup site, you will not get the most conformable experience. Although the site works well you must be willing to remove all the bad things that it has before you can achieve your goal of getting a partner. Despite the massive success of the site people tend to have a love-hate relationship with the site. The site attracts a large number of people but since it is a free site it also has its own share of idlers.

According to many hook up site review, this site only works well if you live in a big American city. Elsewhere, the number of users is not big enough for an online dating experience. More so, in this site most women have a tendency of having their inboxes flooded while ignoring men. The kind of crowd that the site attracts leaves you worried as to whether you can get a serious partner from the site.

What we Suggest?

OkCupid.com is an old system of online dating and not the best hook up site. It is set to die soon if proper changes are not made. List below is our brief conclusion:


VISIT FriendFinder

okcupid logo


-> Friendly designed smart phone app

->Most cool feature is that you can choose to answer another user’s questions base on your own preference

-> You are able to create your own questions and  this system will bring you closer to meeting someone special.

->They claim to have a huge database with thousands of new users sign up, however you may need extra causations and patience to distinguish between real and fake profiles

-> Free sign up

-> Free messaging/chat

-> Good support


->Paid options for your own profile promotion, since this is quite large network with countless advertisers and scammers, you may want to consider paying for such options to stand out from the crowd