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What is PlentyfoFish, Is it the best online hook up sites we ever tested?, also know as POF is a online dating site that like most dating sites, offers free access as well as upgrades to more exclusive services through its paid premium accounts. However, unlike most successful dating and meet up websites, Plentyoffish has been plagued with negative feedback from users, probably because the site’s creator Markus Frind put it together in just a few weeks, which of course resulted to poor support, lack of sophisticated matching algorithms and a bare-bones structure that only those who run after online freebies can tolerate. Read this hook up site review to get the lowdown on why you are better off dating the traditional way rather than signing up for this site.

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                                                                        No matching algorithms

This is fancy talk for you are going in blind when you join this site. The site does offer personality and chemistry quizzes which are too long, nobody wants to be bothered with them. These quizzes are also not required to be filled up, which means the site really has no reliable database that it can use to make matching suggestions for its members. In short, if you want to find someone who is even remotely compatible with you in terms of common interests, likes and dislikes, you have your work cut out for you.


                                                              Log-in, Registration and Upgrade Errors

There are many users who have complained about registering and even paying for the premium accounts, only to find out that their accounts were never registered. This has a very fishy smell about it and something that admins need to fix ASAP. On the issue of upgrades, users who decide to pay $6 to gain access to more features often discover that they paid real money for the ability to see if their sent messages where read or not, see when another member was last online and finally, see who clicked YES in the Meet Me section.    

                                                            Poor, almost non-existent customer support

If you have encontered problems like the previous one above, expect very little to no help from what passes for customer support in this site. They take too long to reply and probably only act quick enough when it is to ban someone from the site.


                                                                  Very limited pool of eligible singles

There’s a reason why this site has been called the trailer park of dating sites. It seems like you can find every version of arrogant, trashy and desperate singles and sleazy married people pretending to be single on this site. Given the fact that users can create a profile in a matter of minutes, it is easy to see why posers and people who clearly have mental problems abound in this site. Because of non-existent screening measures, resonably eligible singles who are seriously looking for love end up meeting rude and even abusive members who lack even basic spelling or grammar skills, let alone manners.


                                                          POF used to be good, but need major improvement

We can not deny that plentyoffish uesd to be one of our favorite, but currently it need a lot more attention. These are rising complaints against Not only will you encounter problems with registration alone, you also set yourself up for rude, nasty and mispelled messages that attempt to lure you into meaningless hookups or reject you with verbally abusive and often mispelled replies. If you are a single, educated, self-respecting guy or gal, avoid this site like the plague.

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->Free sign up

->Free messaging/chat

->Good team support but response is slow

-> First of its kind who offer partially free dating service, therefore it has fairly large user base


-> Reminders for upgrade membership too often,

->Users will not able to view important information unless upgrade their membership

->Hard to use search function

->Initial sign up stage takes too long

->way too much personal information is required, many of them is not even necessary