Tinder Review


Everyone deserves to get the most out of a dating experience, and indeed when you are starting out dating online, finding your dream man or woman is what normally fills up your mind. Unknown to many, the online dating sites we choose may not necessarily work in our favor. When someone signing up on a adult dating website, we may not realize its drawbacks, thanks to the relentless advertising waged by a majority of them to fond themselves as the very best. As readers talking about tinder a lot reticently, we finally decided to post a most updated tinder review for our users. Tinder is a trendy dating app being used by millions, and this give us a good reason for tested it out.

What are we think of Tinder?

Being among the first ‘swiping apps’, tinder’s trendy dating app is known to have pushed the frontiers of online dating. Considering its major attraction of using geographical proximity as a factor, you realize it’s as good as hitting up on that cute neighbor who doesn’t seem to give you the attention you deserve. By liking their photos and them liking yours back, you automatically generate a match. Indeed what could one ask for.



Is Tinder your best shot?

Is tinder.com the real deal though? Arguably not. As tinder would have it, the older you get and the nearer you are to the U.S or the U.K, the the higher your monthly premium. One is left to wonder, why not just give all folks an equal chance at dating irrespective of their age or geographical location? Maybe they think Westerners should always pay more for the same type of service? Not fair, huh?

Anyone who believes that they deserve the chance to search endlessly for their soul mate would probably be better off knowing that tinder.com is doing everything in its power to make that an illusion, considering the 12 hour limitation it poses to swiping right. This basically means if you were destined to find your match on the 13th or 15th hour, well, you might just have to swipe forever and not finding them. Though they have denied it, this limitation appears like a clean-cut trick in driving users to a Tinder Plus Subscription.

Another limitation of this hook up site is the much rumored introduction of advertisements that will fit the flow of the app. Well, not all users are averse to the imminent launch. Because technically, the ads will hopefully fit the theme of a dating app hence be useful to them. A majority of users however think that considering Tinder Plus Subscriptions are ads free, this might just be another well choreographed moves to have users move to it.

Tinder is Addictive, but for dating? Not really..

As this should be mentioned, tinder is highly addictive. This is a great deal for users rely on its appealing app design, not to care its potential cost or its dating purpose. All in all, if all adult dating websites should present themselves as the best and tinder.com bears the standard, then the choice of these websites as the avenues for finding your lifetime partner should be the very last resort.





-> A trendy twitter-liked app

-> Fun and user Friendly app interface

->Free communication with real time chatting option

-> Free sign up

->Significant higher population of younger people tend to use it, which can be good or bad situation depends on the user’s age


->Not easy when creating your profile, you have to write at least 500 characters to introduce who you are

-> System crashed a few times on our android device for reasons unknown, we have to reinstall the app couple of times

->Too many spam profiles with stolen sexy women pictures, it gets worse and you will find stuff with  pictures of their neighbour, facebook friend,  or even pictures taken of  a 5 years old.

->Maybe you can identify a real profile somehow, the community is full of teenage attitudes and it is not a great place for finding serious relationship

->If your goal is simply get laid, it is not easy place for you either