Zoosk In-depth Review


Our Reivew for Zoosk.com

Back in 2007, Zoosk cliamed itself to be the largest online dating services ever created, while things have changed in 2015. Among all the largest dating sites in the world we ever tested, Zoosk seems to be the most unreliable one of them all. Though attractive and promising to new visitors, this company has continuously disappointed its members and this is evident on the many negative reviews on the internet. The most basic privileges with on other dating websites are restricted with this one. There are particular complains on Zoosk that most users seem most bothered with.

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Constant Money Demands

When one joins the dating site for the first time, they are required to pay a hefty membership fee. However, they keep extorting more money through ‘coins’ whenever one wants to take any action within the website. For instance, before viewing someone else’s profile, you’ll be required to pay. You’ll also be required to pay in order to send messages as well as receive replies from other admirers. According their subscribers, Zoosk seems to be out to milk them dry. This limits its accessibility to the public especially for the middle and lower class. However, this website could be of benefit to you if you’ve got the money.

Highly Computerized

You’ll be frustrated to discover that this dating site is controlled by a computer and not a human being. All the messages are automated. This means that you do not get satisfactory assistance when need arises. Users are restricted to lodging complaints and concerns to private messaging only and these are rarely replied to. If you’re lucky, your input will be replied to with an automated messaged which further frustrate users.

If your technique of narrowing down your options is deleting the least favorite people, it wont work with this site. This privilege does not exist with Zoosk. You may delete a person but they continuously will appear on your screen repeatedly. This is other factor that proves that this site is computerized.

Sometimes the match making is done for you with Zoosk. Some users choose to trust the process and take a chance. Some even seem to prefer this technique to all others.

Restricted Communication

This is a frustrating realization for most Zoosk users. First of all, you do not get the freedom to choose suitable persons to converse and hopefully kick start a relationship with. Personal interaction is very limited. If you come across someone’s profile, you’ll be required to purchase coins in order to send a message and view their profiles as well. The other person will also be required to purchase coins as well to view your message and profile. Most users simply count their loses and abandon this website.

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The Good, the bad

Although most reviews on this website are negative, few people have had an successful experience with it. These lot did not mind the hidden charges as their eyes were fixated on the price, finding a soulmate. There are few success cases with this dating website.
If you’re looking for love online, it is advisable to consider other dating sites before considering Zoosk. The fact that the website sends random messages to your friends when you log in using your social media account proves invasion of privacy. Although this might create an opportunity for your friends to know about Zoosk, it still is invasive.



->Good Support, slow response sometimes

-> Facebook account sign up function

-> Partially free, with limited profile viewing options


-> You have to pay in order to interact with other users

-> Subscription will ran out in time, system will automatically give you a pay per ‘interaction’ option, it is a somewhat a rip off.

-> Some of its users report there might be a security concern with using personal facebook login