How casual hookups are changing Australia and New Zealand?


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How casual hookups are radically changing Australia and New Zealand’s dating scene

If you’re looking for a casual hookups over a serious, long term relationship, you’re not alone as thousands of Aussies and Kiwis are turning to the internet in order to find a hot hookup. After all, why waste time and risk getting rejected in a bar by a five out of ten, when you can find someone whose a ten out of ten online. To find out why casual flings are becoming a part of the “down under” dating scene and how to find a hottie whose interested in a steamy hookups, simply continue reading.

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The rise of the casual hookup

In recent years a greater percentage of Aussies and Kiwis, particularly millennials and baby boomers, have realized that there’s no reason to rush into a serious relationship, when you’ve got the time and disposable cash to have fun and date around. No longer are people obsessed with settling down in their twenties. Whilst, you may argue that casual hookups have always been a part of the dating culture “down under”, the way which Aussies and Kiwis have pursued casual hookups has changed.

Traditionally young Aussies and Kiwis would hit their local nightclubs and bars on a Friday or Saturday night, with their “girls” or “boys”, ready to unleash their cheesiest pickup lines on their unsuspecting targets. However these days, Aussies and Kiwis who are fast adopters of technology, have turned to the internet in order to line up a casual hookup. However, some things will always stay the same and most individuals who meet on a hookup site, will still choose to meet up for a beer or two, at a local bar.

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How to find your next hookup

The easiest way to find a hookup whose a solid ten out of ten is to visit a reliable dating site like Adult Match Maker is quickly becoming one of the most popular dating sites in both Australia and New Zealand, due to it’s commitment to ensuring that each and every profile is genuine. After all, the last thing you want to do is to get catfished by a 5″2, 62 year old, who claims that they’re 5″10 and 25.

Better yet Adult Match Maker holds a variety of social events such as sexy, themed balls, where you’ll get the opportunity to mix and mingle with countless potential hookups! Whilst using a hookup website may be frowned apon overseas, there’s no stigma in visiting hookup sites in Australia and New Zealand. Chances are that half your friends have had a hot steamy encounter as the result of creating a profile on a hookup website. In Australia and New Zealand having hookups is a part of growing up.

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So If you’re in the mood to hook up with a new hottie, it’s well worth a try to visit a site like, in order to start browsing for possible hookup candidates. Simply find someone you find sexy and set a date to meet over a beer, before you take your party of two to a more private location.


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