How to tell a dating profile is real or fake


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If you have ever been on a dating or social site you would know you can come across fake profiles. So how do you tell if a dating profile is real or fake?

Follow our guide to see detect a fake profile:

  • Does the profile picture match the profile? – Does the person in the profile picture look the age listed in the profile information.
  • Does the persons conversation match the profile? – You would be surprised how many people create fake profiles stating their age is 20 for example and they are from England, yet when speaking to them they say they are 30 from Australia. A lot of fakers forget the details they made up for their profiles so if the conversation doesn’t match the profile, walk away.
  • Does the picture look legitimate? – Does the profile picture look legit like a selfie taken at home, or does it look like a glamor shoot from a magazine? A lot of fakers tend to take images from the web usually of models.
  • Is the person asking for financial help? – Walk away! This is a scam!
  • Do the messages stop? – Do the messages stop after you join the site or update a subscription, this could be a fake profile or even employees of the site drawing you in to the site.
  • Are they asking you to go to a different site? – If they are asking you to look at different sites they could be cam models looking for business.
  • Are they asking to talk immediately by email or off the site? – A lot of scammers will immediately ask to talk via email or messengers straight away this is usually because they are a scammer and if they scam you in the site’s message system they would be banned.

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