Dating Profile Mistakes Most People Make


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Are you currently on dating or casual hookup sites? Are you making common dating profile mistakes? Check out our list of dating profile mistakes and how to avoid them.


Creating Your Profile

Remember when creating your profile, less is more. Intrigue people to get to know you by creating a short, positive and punchy dating profile. One mistake most people make is revealing too much about themselves in a dating profile. You don’t want to give away all the mystery in a dating profile so keep it short and sweet.


Choosing Your Picture

While we all probably looked better ten years ago it’s important to keep your profile picture up-to-date! I cannot stress this enough. If your profile says your 40 and your picture looks like your twenty people are going to know your picture is not up to date and it can even make you look deceptive. More importantly choose a flattering photo, when reviewing dating sites we came across so many profile pictures that were just not a flattering photo. If your unsure if your photo is flattering perhaps ask one of your friends is this is a nice photo of you. To the men, make sure your smiling in your photo! Even if you yourself feel uncomfortable smiling in photos your going to appear friendly in your picture. Pictures of men not smiling make you look moody or even a little insane. Please guys, no shirtless photos! Even if you have a six pack and your chest and stomach are one of your greatest features please leave some mystery. Posting shirtless photos portrays as conceited and you may even come across as a womanizer. Opt for a nice shirt and a great smile. Ladies the same applies, leave some mystery. If you have it all hanging out, your going to attract guys, but are you going to attract the type of guy you really want?


Keep It Honest

Most of us have probably tweaked details about ourselves on resumes or profiles but it’s really important to keep it real. Firstly when reviewing dating sites it was very easy to spot someone who was either flat out lying in their profile or had manipulated the truth in their profile. Basically, your eventually going to get caught out. Your either going to slip up and say in conversation your 32 years old when your profile says your 25 or if you meet someone in real life and get to know a person in real life the truth will come out then. Be yourself, there’s no reason to tweak your profile, after all don’t you want someone who likes you for you?


Be Thoughtful Of What Your Typing

This especially applies to males. You don’t know who your talking to, you could be talking to someone shy or confident, new to dating sites or experienced, basically you don’t know. Start out by engaging someone in conversation, getting to know them and making them feel comfortable and safe. The biggest problem we faced when testing dating sites is that most males were extremely pushy or in a hurry to move things along too fast. No we don’t want to sext or meet you in real life or ring you after talking for two sentences. Slow it down and get to know your ladies a little.