Avoid dating website scams


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If you use dating or hookup sites or plan to use them its important to know how to avoid dating website scams. Unfortunately scams on the internet today can be common and dating or hookup sites are also targeted. When talking to anyone from dating or hookup sites never give out financial details, give money or give anything of monetary value no matter how convincing the story. The most common scam we came across were female profiles stating they wanted to meet in person but needed money before they could do so, whether it be phone credit, fuel, air tickets, cash etc.

Common scams we encountered when testing dating sites:

  • Fake profiles
  • Persons conversation about their birthday, age, location, physical description doesn’t match their profile
  • People asking for mobile phone credit, fuel credit or monetary items
  • Women stating they were out of the country and needed financial help with airfares home to meet up

Always be sure to check the details the person is giving about themselves also matches their profile. For example if a woman says she is 21 but her birthdate year on her profile suggests she is 23 consider this is a fake profile. Not every profile you will come across will be fraudulent, we came across many genuine profiles during our testing also. We also found during our testing that how many fake profiles existed on the site varied with each company. We found AdultMatchMaker.com to be the best website for casual sex hookups and we experienced no fake profiles on their site while testing. To read our full review of AdultMatchMaker.com please visit this link.