Excuses Women Give To Stay In Relationships 


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Excuses Women Give To Stay In Relationships

Relationships like most things turn sour and you should be aware of those excuses women give. Often people fall out and a relationship may be hanging by a thread. However you may find that your girlfriend is not making the move. She seems uninterested in the concept of the relationship but she is still sticking in the relationship. There may be an excuse in play. Women always have excuses for numerous things. There could be an excuse for eating unhealthily, buying that unnecessarily expensive dress, an excuse for not working out among other things. Sticking in a relationship similarly must have its excuse. Among the excuses that women give for staying in a relationship include the following:

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a) Good sex

Excuses women give often indicates that a woman could stay in a relationship that is not working out simply because of sex. Every woman recognizes that sex should not be the sole basis for a relationship. But no woman is objected to good sex. If her partner gives her constantly satisfying sex she will be reluctant to leave him because if she does she will have to find another who satisfies her in the same way. This is always a frustrating task. This could make good sex an excuse for staying in a relationship.

b) A long relationship

When women have been in a relationship for a long period of time, they enjoy the comfort that the relationship gives. Excuses women give can be a comfort zone for themselves for keep going. They tend to settle and are not as keen on such things as dressing to impress or even checking their diet. This security that a long term relationship gives may be hard to come from. Also losing someone who has been a vital part of their lives for a long period of time could be quite difficult. To top on all this, leaving the comfort zone of a relationship to jump into the dating pool can be quite scary.

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c) Fear of hurting their partners feelings

Even when the love that a woman has had for her partner has faded, she may still stay with him because she still cares deeply for him. This care has been forged over the period that they have been together and all the experiences and difficulties that they have been through together. This care may make her hesitate from breaking up the relationship because she is afraid of seeming unappreciative of the time they have spent together. This is one of the women excuses that will make a woman stay in a relationship.

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d) Moving out

This can prove to be a tricky part of the breakup. The couple may own a house together. The lease may be in both your names as you planned to spend the rest of your lives together. In the house you could have furniture and it can be hard to start determining who keeps what. You may also own a dog and you wonder to whom does the dog go? after the split! This factor could cause a woman to hesitate in breaking off an engagement.


When you hear the excuses women give you, you should always try to understand the true reason behind it. A breakup can be a tricky aspect in a relationship, especially for relationships that have lasted a long time. There are several reasons that may make a woman stay in a relationship despite the love being stale. Learning these women excuses and mastering them will work for the good of the relationship.


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