Facebook Hookup Tips You Should Know


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Facebook Hookup Tips You Should Know

Due to the widespread of internet usage, there are many people who date online via the social media and the most common being Facebook hookup. This is where two people meet online and hook up in the Facebook even before they meet. For this type of hook up to work, one should be aware of the useful tips and apply them. There are many cases where people hook up online via Facebook and the relationship do not last for a longer period. This is because there are many differences that cannot be known through Facebook until that time the two parties meet. Therefore, it is advisable to be fully aware of such tips and apply them. Below are the effective Facebook hookup tips:

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1.Never Lie To Your Online Partner

This is a very common mistake that most of the people especially men do when dating online. It is important to be aware that one day, you will plan to meet and she will realize the truth. If she realizes that you lied, it may be he end of the relationship. It is therefore important to tell the truth. If you have anything to hide from her, ensure that she will not be in a position to know it when you meet physically. The moment she realizes that you lied, the hook up will not last.

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2.Do Not Involve Feelings Before You Meet Her

This is a common mistake that most people do when dating through Facebook. It is advisable not to involve serious feelings before you meet her. Remember this is a stranger you are meeting online and you must be careful not to fall in love before meeting her. It will hurt when you meet her and realize that she is not the type of lady you expected. Just take your time to study her and plan to meet before you start involving your feelings. This is where most of the people are disappointed when they meet someone they never expected.

3.Never Expose To Her All Your Secrets

This is another common mistake that most men do on a Facebook hookup. They give all their private information to a lady he has not met. You should try as much as possible to filter the information you provide to her until that time you have met and trust her. Not all of them are genuine as some are just after getting money from you. There are also some vague online accounts where other men create so as to get the relevant information they need. Be careful and know the personal information to hide!

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4.Do Not Take Too Long Before Planning To Meet

It becomes so boring when you take a lot of time just dating online without planning to meet. This reveals to her that you are not serious and she may even decide not to chat with you any more. After knowing her, ask for her phone number, call her and plan for a date out. This will give you a chance to meet her in person early enough before you start developing serious feelings. From there, you will know the next step.

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These tips also Apply to Other Online Dating Sites

Those are the most effective online dating tips that every man should apply when dating a girl online. It is also important to know that not all online dates are successful so that you are not hurt when she fails to show up.

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