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 How to Write Your First Email to Attract her/his Attention?

Online dating has come of age and more people are meeting online. Whether you are interested in a casual hookup or starting a relationship, sooner or later you will need to email your potential dates. This is where most people get it wrong, resulting in epic fails. Below is a simple guide on how to ensure that first email grabs the attention of your potential dates and that gets replied.

Keep it simple and short

Ensure that you keep your first email brief and simple. Do not write an email that takes too much time to read and understand. Remember the point is to arouse the curiosity of the recipient so that they will consider you for a potential casual hookup or date.

Make it personal

Ensure that your email does not sound too generic or as if it was fired off to a thousand other people. Read the profile of your desired date and work on making sure that your email is personalized. If you have chatted with them online before, use the information you have learned to make it more targeted. However, do not make it too personal nor fake it.

Be unique

Everyone can tell their potential casual hookup or date that they look great or they would love to know them better. The problem with that is thousands of other people have probably told them the same in one way or the other. Ensure that your email stands out by being unique. One way of doing it is reading their profile and using the information you find on it to make your email different and unique. Ensure that you work with everything your potential date has provided you to stand out from the competition.

Keep it classy

There is a fine line between cocky and confident and trashy and classy. You have to know how to be complimentary without coming off as desperate. At the same time, your email should portray you as confident but not cocky. Whatever you do, never come off as being too aggressive and ensure your emails are polite. Once you have mastered this skill, you can count yourself among the best online daters and masters of casual hookup.

Don’t be too serious in a casual hookup

Almost everyone loves a good laugh and being with someone who is humorous. True, you may not be interested in a casual hookup but rather a serious relationship. However, talking about finding the one or getting married should definitely not be in your first email, or the first few emails for that matter. Find a way to sound funny based on shared interests or the information on their profile. If possible, write something goofy and it will definitely catch their interest.

Be interested in your potential date

It is true that you are dating online to find a potential soul mate, relationship or casual hookup. However, the easiest way to fail is to focus on your needs instead of the person you are interested in. Find a way to show genuine interest in the person you are emailing. Chances are the interest will be reciprocated.

It is all about communication

Online dating is here to stay and everyone should learn how to do it right. Communicating with a potential date can be daunting especially when it comes to firing off the first email. However, emailing the person you are interested in should not be too hard after reading this guide. Follow the advice provided in the article and you can be sure that you will be more successful in online dating.