Guide On Sexual Techniques that Will Turn Her On


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A Gentleman’s Guide On Sexual Techniques that Will Turn Her On

Did you know that it takes longer to turn women on and require more sexual techniques than it does men? It’s true. Although both are equally sexual creatures, it is easier to seduce a man than a woman. A woman can jump your bones and drive you crazy all night long as long as you understand what precedes it. You should up your game and learn a few sexual techniques if you want to wind your day up next to that sexy eye candy. Sex is a big deal to women and that’s why the whole idea has to sit well with them before getting intimate with a guy. If you think rehearsed words and slithered eyebrows are enough to convince a lady to hook up with you, think again.

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Attention to Her Signs of Attractions

She may openly like you, shows signs of attraction towards you yet still not give in to your sexual advances. Don’t give up just yet; you’re not ugly and your breath is just fine. Getting a lady to bed takes expertise in sexual technique(s) and tact. It’s all about understanding how your woman is wired and not licking your lips every 10 minutes. A person who jumps into bed with a woman and initiates intimacy is less likely to achieve success compared to one who initiates romance way before getting to bed.

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Put Image into Her Head First

If you want to achieve any success with the woman of your dreams, you need to feed the whole idea into her head before actually getting it on. A woman will have sex with you all the time if you need her to. All you need to do is make her imagine having sex with you first. This is the most effective way of turning her on. When you feed her mind with sweet words and images of what it’s going to be like, she’s going to yearn for you and long for the moment that she’s finally going to get in-between the sheets with you.

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Make her Fantasize about Sex 

She has to bang you in her HEAD before she bangs you in her BED. She has to fantasize about sleeping with you first. And if that fantasy about you is vivid enough… then she’s almost guaranteed to have sex with you. If you are both at work, send her naughty images of how YOU are going to please HER and not the other way around. Don’t be selfish. Flatter her with sweet messages that will make her blush. Feel free to ask her how she likes it; rough, slow, role play, outdoors, frisky or ordinary sex. Ask in seductive way and not in an inexperienced teenager kind of way. You could craft a fun sexual techniques questionnaire with images and forward it to her to get your answers.

Try to Make her Excited

If you really want to get her going crazy for you then go the extra mile. Buy some sexy lingerie online and have it delivered to her at work alongside some chocolates and flowers. She will envision wearing it and even strategize how to position herself when you get home. Now this is how to turn a woman on. The more you feed her mind, the more she’ll lust and long for you. All it takes to drive your woman wild is creativity and originality. After all, sex is a game that’s created in the mind before being put into play.


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