How To Approach Beautiful Women


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A Guide On How To Approach Beautiful Women 

There are many men who do not know how to approach beautiful women. Not all men have that courage to face a woman and even have a friend to friend talk leave alone proposing to them. It needs some courage and one has to be analytical and natural so as to be seen as a gentleman. The main trick is to be yourself and never try to elevate your status because you will have problems maintaining it! Fear is one thing that let men down and low self-esteem. You have to believe that you are the best and what you are saying are the best words. This gives you the courage to face her and eventually win her. Below is a guide on how to approach beautiful women:

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1.Be Descent Physically

This is the first step you should consider. Before you approach her, have a look at yourself in a mirror and try your best to be smart physically without exaggerating it. It is a fact that every woman wants a decent man and there is no way you will be untidy and win them especially when you are strangers. Therefore, the first thing is to mind about your outfit not necessarily the most expensive clothes of jewelry but simple and descent.

2.Have Confidence And Go Straight To Her

After ensuring that your outfit is okay, you can gain some confidence and go to her. Greet her the formal way and introduce yourself. This is the trickiest part because you expect two things; she can either be hostile or friendly. You should be ready for both because it is the first time to meet her. If she becomes friendly, you are ready for the next step but if she becomes hostile and fails to give you her time, never lose hope, give her time but ensure that you get her address or phone number. Assuming she becomes friendly and give you her time, we go to the next step.

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3.Be Yourself And Maintain A Healthy Conversation

When with her, never rush to ask her for a relationship! Just maintain a healthy conversation with her. Give her the best and simple company and everything will be automatic. In case you are not good in keeping conversation for long, you should prepare in advance and even ask the experts on what to do and how to go about it. Join her in her day’s activity and give her the best company possible. This way, she will get to know you more. Exchange the phone numbers.

4.Give Her A Date And Take Her Out

This is another trick on how to approach beautiful women. After spending some time with them, you will definitely know what they like. Give her a date and take her to the best place to do an outdoor activity she likes most. This way, she will like your company and do what she enjoys most. Appreciate her beauty and proof to her that you care for her needs and interests.

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5.Propose To Her To Be In A Relationship With You

This is usually the final stage to approach beautiful women. If you have been playing your cards well, she should also be longing for this moment! Ask her to be in a relationship with you and the chances of saying “Yes” are higher. If she says “No”, give her time and keep giving her the best company.


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