How to Excite a Woman in Bed


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How to Excite a Woman in Bed and Keep Her Glued

It takes more effort to excite a woman in bed compared to men. It is advisable to start the process long before you hit the sack so play your good cards in advance. However, once you manage to get her on the same page the effort is worth it. In this case, you may need to think outside the box. It may also sometimes require you to step out of your comfort zone for a while but this is a worthy investment. Once you have mastered this skill, you are set for some sweet returns long term.

Excite a Woman in Bed

1. Groom Yourself

Truth be told, a well-groomed man is an instant turn on for any woman. It is one of the best ways to excite a woman. Women warm up to the idea of intimacy faster with visually appealing guys. You may need to take your time in the shower, wear your best outfit, smell good, do some press ups and hit the barbers. If all this is done on the day of the date then you are good to go. Soften your nature around her to match your appeal and she’s ready to go.

2. Pick your Words

A fast lay isn’t a good reputation for the ladies and this is why they are picky and take awfully long before making this decision. This is another reason as to why you should play your cards well. On your date, pick your words wisely. This is not the time to discuss how much of a man’s world it is or how lazy your female colleagues are. Use this opportunity to speak highly of women and her in particular. Women can never get enough compliments so throw heart melting compliments every now and then. Brush your fingers on her arm, touch her hand during the compliments and kiss it when holding it. Do this and she’s ready for you.

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3. Stimulate Her Mind

Ignoring your woman all night and jumping her bones behind closed doors won’t work. This is why it is important to start mild foreplay before you get home. You can effectively do this in public without being indecent and embarrassing her. Kiss her as you help her wear her coat after the date. Hold her hand and randomly kiss her as you take the walk to the car or home. Give her a passionate kiss while in the car without going overboard or grabbing her boobs. You can brush your hand over them but leave it at that. Sometimes, keeping her yearning for more really gets her heart racing for you. This is how to excite a woman and keep her wrapped around your little finger.

4. Go for the Kill

Once you get home, complete your final manly moves like opening the door for her and holding her hand as she walks through it. If you’ve done it all right, she will be on you like white on rice. Be tactful, one wrong move and all your efforts will go down the drain. Carry her to bed and help her off her clothes. Follow her lead on the romance because some girls like it rough other prefer it gentle. Caress her on all her moan zones (boobs, butt, and inner thighs) and kiss her on all her sensitive areas which include the neck and behind the ears.

Signs of Love Addiction

There are several ways to excite a woman. If she is your girlfriend, take the time to learn what she likes and doesn’t like. This will give you long term control over her as falls helplessly in love every time you walk into a room. If the two of you are newly acquainted, use your cuddle moments after a romantic night to learn a thing or two about her. Women are more open and honest during this time.


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