Love at first Sight? How to identify true love in a relationship


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Ah love, amour, the one thing we all desire about all else. Yet love today seems hard to find and even harder to identify! We have all had those heart breaking moments when you realize that what you believed to be love was not all that it seemed. But how do we avoid those breakups? How do we know what we have found is true love in a relationship?

Are you able to be yourself?

When you are in a relationship of any length or stage, it is important to be able to be yourself. Are you a goof ball that loves to have a laugh? Or are you unashamedly in love with your pet? If at any stage you are uncomfortable sharing that with your partner then true love is not with you my friend. True love in a relationship is able to look at your quirks, good and bad, and accept them for what they are.

Are you able to be honest?

This relates closely to the one above. Honesty is a fundamental aspect of true love. If your partner cannot handle your deepest darkest secret in a way that makes you feel loved and affirmed, then perhaps they are not the person for you.

Is it just about the feelings?

True love in a relationship is about far more than just the butterflies in your stomach when your partner looks at you. There are going to be times when you seriously annoy each other, and love has to be strong enough to take it! If your relationship is based only on feelings rather than deep mutual respect and trust, then this relationship is not going to last.

Are you able to be friends first?

This may seem silly to many people, but being friends with your partner is a fundamental aspect of love! If they are not someone you want to take out, hang around with, or meet your friends, then sorry honey, but that is not a match made in heaven!

Do you share anything in common?

People say that opposites attract, and it is very often true, but there needs to be something you share. Whether it is your faith, your love of children, or getting out walking, something needs to tie you together that you can share. Sharing something between the two of you gives you an anchor to hold on to when things are tough.

Do you know each other’s goals/dreams?

The worst thing in the world is getting into a relationship where you love and trust the other person and then, a few years down the track, find out that you were never headed in the same direction. Ask each other where you want to be in five years, ten, even twenty years! If you see yourself with a white picket fence and a family of four and they want to be about travelling the world, then discuss that now before it becomes a problem.

Be true to who you are and you will find someone out there who appreciates it all and loves you, your quirks, and your foibles. True love in a relationship is possible, don’t settle for anything less!


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