How To Make Her Put More Effort In A Relationship


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How To Make Her Put More Effort In A Relationship

There are several ways you can use to make her put more effort in a relationship. Most of the people who are in a serious relationship, at one point in time feels that one of the partner do not care about the relationship any more. It happens in any of the relationship even a serious one but the most important thing is to know how to handle it. You have to make your partner know that you are still important in the relationship. This will make her put more effort and thus strengthening the relationship. The major aspects that can ruin any relationship includes guilt, feeling insecure and suspicion. Trying to avoid all these can strengthen and bond any relationship. Below are the main tips on how to make her put more effort into a relationship:

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1.Ignore her For Some Time

This is one of the most effective tricks that can make your partner put more effort. Just take some time to study her behavior and make a plan to ignore her some some time. She will start thinking that she will lose you. She will start being careful and in the process, she will put more effort to bring you back to your original state. However, you have to be careful because she may think it is over and start moving on! Yo have to moderate the way you ignore so as not to lose her.

2.Approach A Relationship Counselor To Guide You

This is a professional approach where you seek the services of an expert. You have to explain all you need to the expert and she will give you the tips on how to make her put more effort in a relationship. You can apply some of the tips given to you by the expert and it may be effective. Such experts may be friends or family members who have experienced similar problems. They can guide you on the tricks they applied to make their partners put more effort in a relationship and apply them too.

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3.Make her Jealous By Having A Girlfriend

You can also make your partner put more effort in your relationship by having a girlfriend. Look for a girlfriend who is loving and caring. This will make her jealousy and to start being serious with your relationship. She will not want to lose you to the other lady and she will even monitor all your moves. This is a very effective and easy trick. However, you have to be careful not to hurt her, let it be just friendship and not infidelity!

4.Change Your Behavior And Moods Not To Favor Her

Your habits, behaviors and moods always favors your partner right? When you feel that she is neglecting you, you should change your behaviors and habits so that she can feel also neglected. It will reach a point where she needs you most and thus realize your importance in her life. This makes her to put more effort in a relationship.

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Those are some of the tricks you can use and you are assured of having her back to the original loving and caring nature. In all above mentioned tricks, you have to be careful not to worsen instead of making it better.

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