How to Play Your Online Dating Game


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How to Play Your Online Dating Game

Are you looking for a quick hook up without hitting the bar every night or being forced to use cocky pick up lines? Well, you are in luck. Thanks to technology, you can find love online within a matter of minutes and without the need to employ too much energy. The beauty of the online dating game is that all members are brought together by a common interest. This makes the game a whole lot easier and sometimes fun. However, before you venture into online dating, you need to understand the basics. These will increase your chances and make you an instant “chic-magnet”.

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1. Join The Right Platform

The journey starts by singing up with the right online platform. Expect to find thousands of dating sites online. These satisfy different interests so find one that offers exactly what you are looking for. Some are more popular than others so your safest bet would be joining a highly populated one. You stand higher chances with a popular dating platform than a newly created one. This would also be the time to see to it that the members are of the same sex orientation as you. A gay person stands more chances at finding love on a gay website than anywhere else.

2. Create a Profile

The online dating game is where creativity comes in handy. Human beings are visual creatures. Your appearance will determine the number of potentials contacting you more than anything else.

A beautiful profile photo will usher potentials to the ‘about me’ section and possibly, initiate a chat. This is where she will notice your kind and gentle heart and hopefully accept your date request. Who knows, this might be the beginning of a tear dropping love story.

3. Make a Move

Signing up and creating a profile isn’t enough to draw potentials your way. The online dating game requires you to be aggressive and persistent. You need to scroll through the list of members and make the first move on members that tickle your fancy. This is the time to throw around; likes, winks, thumbs up and even messages to the people you like. Make this a daily routine and respond to messages as soon as you get them. People who are online are more likely to experience success than people who go for months before logging in.

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4. Keep the Conversation Flowing

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to the top 5 or 10. Get sucked into the conversation and keep it flowing. Ensure that you portray yourself in the best light and hook them up for more by telling them what they want to hear. Women love compliments and promises of happiness. Be a gentleman and satisfy this need for a steamier relationship.

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The online dating game is the best choice especially for shy people or guys who lack the time to meet women outdoors. You can have a lengthy and meaningful conversation with a flame while at the office, living room couch or even on vacation. It is as simple as logging in and doing your thing. Another benefit that comes with the adult friend finder is that chatting online prior to the actual date eliminates the awkwardness that we’re all trying to avoid in the first place. Chances are that meeting your new catch will be like hooking up with someone you’ve known for years hence comfortable and successful.

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