How To Understand Lovers Signs of Attraction


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How To Understand Signs of Attraction from Men/women

Every one fall’s in love sometimes. This is a wonderful feeling but only if the love is reciprocated on a mutual ground. Falling for someone who doesn’t feel the same way is a one way ticket to heartbreak town. Before you invest your feelings further, you need to understand signs of attraction in order to determine whether your target feels the same way.

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1. Non Verbal Cues

When it comes to matters of the heart, people may be hesitant in acting on them. This is especially so for women. It calls for a keen eye as her actions may be saying all that her words aren’t.

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When you see a woman likes a man, she will grab any opportunity to be close to him. For instance, she will choose to personally deliver a message that could have easily been sent via email. She will ‘accidentally’ bump into him just to grab his attention and even offer to do things for him. And the signs of attraction here is when a woman likes you, she will pay more attention to you than anyone else in the room, act giddy and definitely catch her staring at you every now and then. These are all clear signs of attraction. By this time then, you will know it is safe to make your move.

2. Verbal Cues ( Physical Signs of Attraction)

Men unlike women, are more clear with their feelings and intentions. While a woman will take her time ponder on whether to approach their target or whether to agree to a date, men are pretty straight forward. However, this shouldn’t be expected of all men. Some guys are more reserved with their feelings hence might coat their intentions in conversations.
While others may come out clearly and ask you out, others will play safe. Expect to hear phrases like:

“I was gonna go grab some lunch. Want to come with?” This is an invitation that you should say yes to if you like him too.

“They sell really good coffee in the restaurant down stairs that I thought you might like.” This is also a coffee date proposal.

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Others may offer to walk you home after work, fix your car, pay for your meal, defend you at work and offer recommendations to services. A man who likes you will go out of his way to offer help and be the one you can count on.

Find the right group of people to date

It is also advisable to be on the look out for serial daters. These are people who will portray all the signs of attraction but aren’t really into you. These group of people normally hit on everyone just for fun. If they are hitting on you it only means that you are the flavor of the week. Before you know it, they’ll be into someone else next.

This group of people will not show special signs of true love for instance; care, gentleness, kindness and sacrifice. You may notice them being flirtatious with other people and are normally not emotionally invested as you are. Steer clear of such people if you don’t want your heart broken.

Pay attention to the right sings of attraction

The signs of attraction are clear if only you pay attention to the person. Once you determine that he she is into you, proceed with a date request and pick it up from there. Let your actions speak louder into letting them know just how you feel for them.

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