Improve your dating profile: How to


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If your new to the dating or casual scene or even an existing user and want to increase your chances in finding a partner or casual sex then these dating profile tips are a must read.

Improve your dating profile follow these simple steps:

Keep it current: Make sure your profile is always current and up to date. This includes your profile photo, while it is tempting to use the photo of you taken five years ago where your looking gorgeous or handsome its important to realise people’s looks change and you need to present yourself honestly and show a nice current profile picture. Also make sure the description of yourself is current including any hobbies your listing, interests, description of yourself etc.

Be honest: Don’t embellish on your profile, keep it simple and keep it honest. Don’t list hobbies or interests you don’t actually partake it, while you may think your embellishments may bring more attention to your profile it also may be the one thing that drives attention away. Not to mention if you do meet someone in person and have embellished you may be caught out, keep it simple and keep it honest.

Don’t be pushy: If you have started talking to a guy or girl your interested in don’t be pushy. Remember a lot of people may be new to dating or casual hookup sites, or may simply want to feel they can trust you before meeting so don’t be pushy. Take things slow or in a moderate speed and make sure you and the other person are comfortable with each other before suggesting to meet. Being pushy to meet up too soon may come across negatively and scare people away.

We hope these simple tips help improve your dating profile, if you have any more tips for our readers let us know in the comments!