Men And Dating-Dating Tips Won’t Work 2015?


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As some of our reader complaints, dating tips recommend by too many so called experts won’t work so well these days, so here is the article related to men and dating, one of the most controversial topic ever, and we are trying to figure out the reasons behind it.

Dating is an ambiguous game for men with many definitions from as far back as we can recall.Some take it up as a serious venture, complete with the rules of engagement and opposing teams. These group of people are your common friend with a list of traits they expect and look for when going out on a date. The list doesn’t have to be on a physical piece of paper, but at times is mental and involuntary.

Surprisingly even after numerous surveys conducted in 2015 on such topics as “what women love to hear”, “first date tips for guys” and even those conversational topics on first dates there has not come up one sure way of dating or handling a first date.The reason for this can’t be any clearer or obvious, men are different, and hence they develop or harbor very different expectations when they go for a date. “Interesting first date topics for men” and “Interesting topics for women” will definitely warrant a second look.

Men are different and very weird from a lady’s point of view, their expectations don’t appear logical to the female race. Men, just like any other person happen to be selfish with what they want from a date, they are direct in what they are looking for. Unfortunately women don’t understand this and end up getting hurt. Pointers to consider.

Men are very visual and end up judging people by their outward appearance, they would hardly take a deeper notice at your plight if you don’t mention the problem. Unlike their female counterparts who would by sensitive to subtle changes in mood and even voice. The difference makes men wonder and strive to look at the world from a different angle. For a first date topic this would form an interesting conversational topic.

Men’s attention deficit is a little blunt, unless something truly attracts their eyes it would simply roll over their shoulders. They get bored fast no wonder they are compared to the sleeping African lion, for this reason the topic has to be something the never encounter on a daily basis, but not too much that they are left out and let to roll off the happy wagon. I have seen men get engaged in an interesting conversational topic on wedding planning, whereas everyone assumes men aren’t interested the lady walked around the topics in a familiar way so the gentleman was quickly absorbed by curiosity. Great twist!

Instead of getting worn out trying to figure out what women love to hear, first date tips for guys should be to act natural and sink into the mood and probably participate in the interesting conversation topic. It’s all about stimuli, regular mental stimuli for the guys, not going against the common perception that the guys love a lady that can both cook and change a tire, the kind that suckles an infant and can be a perfect game partner: but they still harbor the love, but more specifically they love to be met halfway.

Guys have a cultural burden and relieving them of it goes a long way to his noticing the difference, stroking his ego by complementing his car, watch, phone and tech savvy goes a long way but not too much to let him roll off the wagon.

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