Proven Tips on How to Turn Her On and Keep Her Glued


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Proven Tips on How to Turn Her On

How to turn her on might be the ultimate fantasies for many men. Every man has the power to turn any woman on. It may seem like a difficult task at first but once you understand the basics and tactics involved, it will flow naturally for you. Women are playful and that’s why they tease and require you to chase them. However, studies show that a woman’s mind is made within a few minutes of meeting you. Once she has taken a liking to you, turning her on becomes easy. You need to make yourself attractive and irresistible to her. She may not be absolutely sure about you at first but with these tips, she’ll be melting in your embrace in the long run.

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How to Turn Her On and Keep Her Glued

1. Physical Appeal

The first thing that turns a woman on in a man is his overall appeal. A sexy man that looks good, smells right and oozes confidence is an instant turn on. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with a man that looks and smells like a million bucks anyway? This is motivation enough to always put your best foot forward. Make an effort to look good every day before leaving the house. Bagging this reputation not only makes you a chic magnet but an instant turn on to women.

2. Show Her Off

Women love being appreciated. Especially so in form of gifts and outings. Hanging out indoors is fine every once in a while but not all the time. Taking her out for coffee, movies, dinner, walk in the park means that you are proud of her and want to show her off to the world. She will feel special, loved and wanted by this which is a definite turn on.

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3. Tease Her

Don’t be a stiff log when hanging out with your lady. When out on a date, listen to her. Women love talking which in other words means they love listeners. Nod as you listen to show how keen you are. Choose not to use these special outdoor dates to speak of serious and stressful things at work, with family and at home. Tell her of how much you value and love her. Brush your hand against her arm as you look deeply into her eyes. Hold her hand when making a point, compliment her of her soft skin and the beauty of her eyes.

4. Be Her Knight

Every woman yearns for a strong man to own her. It gives her a secure sense of belonging which makes her happy. Be the guy that she can be proud of and watch her fall deeper in love with you. You do not need to be 200 pounds in muscle and a mean face, you only need to be the best you could be. Treat her like a lady and offer her your shoulder to lean on and you will have won her over.

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5. Put Your Beard On

It doesn’t hurt to be a man when with your lady so give it your best shot. Pull out a seat for her, hold her hand when crossing the street, offer her your shoulder when watching movies and put your arm around her when taking a walk. These are all gestures of pure love and adornment which will instantly melt your lady’s heart and turn her on.

Be Yourself and Staying Attractive to Her

If you are looking for effective and long term ways to turn her on then these tips will render your quest a success. All she needs is to know that you have her back and genuinely care for her. The secret is staying always attractive to her so incorporate these tips a habit.

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