Rules for Safe Online Sex Dating Game


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Ground Rules for Playing your Online Sex Dating Game SAFE!

Online sex dating is an adult game that would never bored us. It could be the gateway to finding your next mate – there is no doubt on this.
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Looking for online sex dating could be risky

If you’re just looking for sex, you could quickly scour for mates within your city. Find online sex dating within local communities is always a faster approach. However, it’s all moonlight and roses until you get matched with someone rude, obnoxious or one that’s just not your type. It can be a nightmare.

Online sex dating is easier than you think

Heck, you could even get assaulted by doing online dating. I’m not here to scare you though; online sex dating is a good thing, as long as you know what you are doing. Especially in those tough times when you’re having trouble meeting a potential shag-mate. It has proven to be effective, and it’s here to stay. If you value your safety as much as I appreciate mine, here are a few things to keep in mind:

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1. Involve your loved ones.

On those days that you’re going out with your date, let your roommates, close friends and family know. Keep them updated on the places you’re going, who you’re going out with and when they should expect you back. Give them your date’s name and phone number if need be. If anything doesn’t work out as planned, keep them updated. I know it isn’t brightest idea sharing your relationship details with your friends but how else do you expect them to know when you’re in danger? If anything goes wrong, they will be worried and might even be of help. Hopefully, things won’t get thick.

2. Make your travel arrangements.

When it comes to online sex dating, you never know which card your date has under his/her sleeve. Cater for your transport. In case things go south, you won’t be stranded. Need I say more? If you don’t own a car, Uber and Lyft are good options

3. Special tip for the ladies.

Limit alcohol If you plan on drinking with someone you’ve not been with for long, two beverages are enough. I think it is because alcohol impairs your judgment. While its true liquor is a social lubricant, know how much is too much. Booze has a way of making ladies part legs. You don’t want regrets, do you?
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4. Carry protection.

No. I’m not talking about condoms (though it’s still a great idea carrying your own). I’m thinking of that classic pepper spray. If you are planning on having your first sex date, keep a can of pepper spray in your purse. While this moving is probably too cautious’, you can never go wrong with your security. They say you’re better safe than sorry.

5. The key to successful online sex dating lies in honesty.

Don’t lie, period. Don’t misrepresent yourself over social media, dating websites and email. Unless you want to piss your potential dates – why would anyone want to scare the cat anyway? Is that photo you’ve set as your profile picture too untruthful? Remove it. Have you lied about your height? Change it.

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6. Trust your gut.

Do you get that funny feeling in your tummy when something terrible is about to happen? Trust your instincts. If you find something about your date questionable, tread with caution. For a start, you could Google them. Maybe you’ll find something worth changing your mind over.


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