Six Ways to Create a Million-Dollar Dating Profile


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 Million-Dollar Dating Profile

A good online dating profile always attracts great potential dates. If yours doesn’t, then it surely needs an upgrade. And this certainly means a bit of fine tuning. Setting up a kick-ass dating profile really doesn’t have to be a vulnerable scenario or a shot in the dark. With a little guidance, you’ll be on your way to crafting an impressive virtual first impression on all those who encounter your profile. So here’s exactly how you can optimize your online dating profile to reach its optimum potential.

Have on your storytelling hat

A successful dating profile always defines you and doesn’t specify what it is you want. So cut off the dealbreakers or the specifics on the physical attributes you are after. Storytelling always wins in this case. People love to tell about themselves and this helps them recall information and nurture a personal connection with you. You might as well throw in a catchy anecdote as it may possibly spark a positive reaction.

Balance everything

Here, it may be wise of you not to pour out every detail about your life. Try and save some for the first date. If you publish your entire self on your profile, there’ll of course be nothing left to say about you. Two or four sentences are quite enough to describe you.

 Keep your ex out of picture

At least most of us know how bad the ex drama it can get. So cut off everything, from photos, shared memories or anything else that you shared with your ex as that would certainly turn off a potential date. Focus entirely on the present. In fact, keep off any info or photo or anything else of you with a person of the opposite sex. It’s always a turnoff.

 Bring on questions

This is a trick most ‘love doctors’ feel works 100% of the time. It’s a wonderful way to arrest the attention of a visitor to your dating profile. For instance, have something like this” I went sky diving in Calverton, NY not too long ago but haven’t done it in San Francisco. What about you, sky diving date?

Catchy profile writing but not too much

In letting potential dates read about you, write phrases and sentences in a way you would write to a friend. Make your tone casual and factual. Besides being honest and open-minded, be clear about your intentions in a tone that would correspond to your personality. You could as well talk about your pet or other valuable things in your life. Keep in mind that a dating profile is like a decorative representation of a recipe. So present in a way that will make the reader miss and want you on the go.

Avoid clichés

Hanging around the beach bear-chested, having a candle-lit dinner, drinking wine at a fire place, name it, every person says that. It would be best if you thought of something else, perhaps a night at an over water bungalow or spending the night at a tree house.

So there you have it, folks. Keep in a mind that a lovely dating profile never goes unnoticed. And if you really want to arrest a potential date’s attention, keep them glued and certainly overly interested in you, then these tips will help you to achieve that. Good luck.


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