Speed Dating QA-Exactly What to Say


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Ever considered Join speed dating events?

Speed dating can be fun, exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. This is where you have a chance to meet some of the most beautiful people; just as you have a chance to meet some of the most socially awkward people as well. The thing about speed dating is that most people do it as a means to a dating end. Maybe they have been out of the dating game for quite a while and just need something to help them get their game back on; maybe they are doing it as a joke or maybe, this is the only place that they actually have a chance at talking to potential partners. Either way, when speed dating, it is often best to go in prepared.


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Speed Dating can be fun! Be prepared and read our Interesting and Insightful  Q/A

Not very many people think of Speed dating Q/A. Most people would rather just go in with the usual, ‘Hi, how are you and what do you do?’ routine. As important as it is to show interest in what the other person does for a living, it makes for really dull and boring rapid fire rapport. Speed dating requires you to bring out your most interesting, charming and even funny self. This is how you stand out from the regular dull crowd. We have heard enough bizarre and tough questions over the years during the actual speed dating events, still there are many legit questions for you to avoid one of those AHUH moments, We have prepared some most frequent questions. Here are a few wonderful speed dating Q/A tips that will make you a superstar overnight.

Q: If you weren’t doing this at this very moment, what would you be doing (why are you here for the events)?
This gives you an insight on what a typical Friday or Saturday night is like in that person’s life.

A: As an answer, think of something interesting. Maybe say you would be speed dating somewhere else or just watching a movie. Do not make your life out to be more interesting than it really is, people can smell pretentiousness.

Q: Are you having fun (Tricky one, are your a bored person)?
This seems like a simple question, but it shows your interest in making the other person’s life fun.

A: As an answer, you can say yes but offer additional suggestions that could make the experience even more fun. It shows you are not so stuck up and it also gives the other person an idea of what fun means to you.

Q: If you had your way, which is the one job that you would do in this world? (Also you should brag about what you have been doing for a living)
This is a great way to get an insight in what the person like, and what the person is all about. It will reveal a portion of their dreams and aspirations and it will give you a chance to ask a whole lot of follow up questions that give you deeper insight into how they see themselves.

A: This is to be answered honestly. Everybody has a dream job. They also have a reason why they aren’t doing that dream job. Just be honest and as open as you can comfortably be. Remember to ask them the same question, get few ideas about who they are and what they do.

Q: What do you love doing in your spare time?
We have heard this questions a lot. This is a wonderful question that will bring people’s favorite pass time activities into the light. It is also a wonderful way to see if you are compatible as well as to get new ideas about how to spend your spare time.

A: This is a fun question to answer. In fact, the more bizarre your spare time activity is, the more you will have to talk about. Just don’t make it a creepy activity that will scare people off, seriously, keep the oddest part to yourself.

Make it fun

Preparing yourself with interesting and insightful questions will help you to bring out the best in many of the people sited opposite you on when speed dating. This in itself gives you a better chance of landing someone special and just as interesting.


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