How To Stay Safe Meeting Someone Online


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More people are turning to dating sites whether it’s for the hope of long term relationships or just a casual fling, but when meeting someone in real life for the first time make sure it’s a safe experience. Ultimately the decision to meet someone online is up to you and there are risks in meeting someone online for the first time.Follow our tips on how to stay safe meeting someone online:


Chose A Public Place

This goes without saying, when your meeting someone for the first time make sure it is in a public place. Don’t meet someone for the first time at their home or in a secluded area. Ultimately you don’t really know this person yet or know if you are safe with them. Meet in a public place for the first time so you are not in danger and can leave if need be. A Cafe, restaurant, shopping mall or crowded beach are a few places you could ultimately meet up with your date.


Have An Exit Strategy

While your hopes may be high keep in mind this date may not go as planned. You may not feel safe with the person in real life, you may have nothing in common or you just may not have a ‘spark’ in real life. No matter how confident you are that you will hit it off make sure you have an exit strategy in place so you can leave at any time you feel uncomfortable. You could arrange for a friend to call you at a certain time of the date and if the date isn’t going well you could say you need to leave because your friend needs a lift to work or requires your help. You could also say at the start of the date you can only stay an hour because you have another commitment to keep your first meeting short to see how it goes.


Make Sure Someone Knows Where You Are At All Times

It is extremely important to let someone know where you are before arriving to meet. Let a family member or friend know where you are going and the details of the person you are meeting. If your meeting seems successful, even if you feel safe around the person, if you are going to leave your original meeting place to go somewhere else with them make sure you text or let someone know where you are going to. Make sure you let someone know before leaving the original meeting place, do not wait until your at the next destination because if anything happens noone will know where you are.


Exit Safely

When your first meet up is over make sure you are leaving safely. If you drive make sure your car is parked in a public area where you can be seen. If you want to be extra careful don’t drive straight home but go somewhere else public before going home and of course keep on eye out to make sure you are not followed.


While this all may seem extreme to some people it’s important to always have ‘safety first’. While many people successfully meet online safely it’s always good to have a plan in place especially when meeting for the first time.