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Online hook-ups

As we grow up both the opposite sex feel the sexual urge towards one another. This is natural because of our age and the sex hormones in us. In old times when people were conservative in nature and feminism had not grown that much people thought of the casual hook-ups as a bad thing. Later people though the Online Hook-ups could be a bad thing too.  So what are the trends for online hook-ups?

The trends of Online hook-ups

It all begun with the time of women upliftment. Feminism grew and women wanted as many rights as men. with this came the sexual education. In the sexual education, people knew more about the sexual methods. New and better contraceptive methods also came in the market. and this started the trend of sexual hook-ups.This phenomenon is mostly sawed in the college going students. After the 1950’s the trend of casual hook-ups. Then came the trends of the college parties. This made the students more sexually liberated. Also exploring the bodies was also a reason that people were more into casual hook-ups. Then came the internet and it brought the world closer.

In the world of internet, you could talk to stranger from any part of the world. Youngsters got really excited about their social life and the social media profiles. Then came the application like Facebook, twitter, tinder etc. these application coined new term called online hook-ups.

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What is Online hook-ups

Online hook-ups are the term used for the people who you meet online as a complete stranger. This gained popularity in the youngsters very much. They thought of it as a new experience and thrill to meet with the people. Nowadays online hook-ups have become an everyday thing. There are many risks involved in this but still, youngsters do not think about that and start trusting people who they do not know properly. This sometimes backfires and results in huge issues. Tinder has played an important role in increasing the trend of online hook-ups.

The online hook-up culture among youngsters

As the teens are new in the college and get away from their parents for the first time. They take that time as an independent individual start exploring the world. Usually, in the first year of the college, most of them just look up for the wilderness in the world of online hook-ups. And most of them are the girls. But as they go into their senior year most of them start to settle down and they mostly look for stable relationships. But the biggest question they do not think about is that is online dating safe?

Is it safe for women?

To answer this question, we have to find out the trends in the online world. Teens because of their age get flattered very easily. Sometimes girls end up a meeting with the wrong guys. Maybe the guy you are talking to over the internet is not as good as he pretends to be. But this may be no real reason if it is safe or not. The real reasons are your private and confidential data that the apps are using. When someone asks you to put your controversial pictures onto media accounts. Then the untrusted apps may leak your data and put it over the internet.

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Dating Advice for women

My dating advice for the women is that even if you are going to the online hook-ups website. Please check the authenticity of the application you are using. it could be a scam. And never send your pictures or any confidential data over these apps. Not only the application could leak the data. But also the person to whom you are sending this data could misuse the data or in future maybe blackmail you. And always remember own safety comes first.


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