The Signs of Love Addiction


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The Tell-Tale Signs of Love Addiction

Is it love or love addiction? There’s a thin line between love and hate, and an even thinner one between love and obsession. Love addiction is a mental illness whereby a person is infatuated about another, and builds their entire life around their perfect love, whether real or not. The victim might be aware of it or in other cases, unaware. Just like any other type of addiction, the addicts are usually in denial or unaware that they are love addicts in the first place.

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Signs of Love Addiction

Love is a complicated emotional attachment and breaking it will definitely break your heart in ways you never thought imaginable. Identifying the fine line between the two is what most people struggle with. The first step is to understand the symptoms of Love Addiction then evaluating the situation to determine whether you fall into this category.

1. Obsessed with the Infatuation Stage of Love

Love develops in different stages. Unfortunately, love addicts always start with love someone crazily. This situation develops in the first stage. This is when people are crazy about each other, spend hours in a day talking on the phone, inability to keep their hands to themselves, talking about each other endlessly and swimming in the perfection of the relationship.

This is before the relationship enters into the second and third phase, whereby the intensity reduces and the relationship sometimes becomes boring. Love addicts never want to move past the first stage and so they invest their all into ensuring that it lasts forever. They center their whole existence around perfecting the relationship and the spouse. In this stage, love addicts are desperate to please their partners and terrified of being dumped.

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2. Loss of Self-worth When Alone

A love addict normally feels desperate and alone when not in a relationship. This is unlike stable people who thrive to explore and enjoy themselves when single. In this case, they feel unloved, unappreciated and unattractive to a point of depression and suicide.

These feelings drive them into desperately searching for ‘the one’ to a point of obsession. A person helping them load groceries into their car does not make the person the ‘one’. Ordinary handshakes and compliments are always taken to the extreme with love addicts.

3. Going Out of Your Way to Please a Partner

One thing that love addicts are known for is bending backward for their spouses. This is usually due to the fear of being dumped and the desire to prolong the infatuation stage. Love addicts are willing to change their dress code, hairstyles, mannerisms, friends, hobbies and even religion.

Commonly, love addicts become too infatuated with their spouses to a point of dangerous possessiveness. When another woman/man comes into the picture, love addicts contemplate extreme measures of pushing them away, even murder.

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4. Inability to Leave Abusive Relationships

While ordinary people may find it easy to walk out of dead-end and abusive relationships, love addicts may experience difficulty. Family and friends may intervene and the person may even promise themselves to leave but they are unable to do so. Some addicts go a step further into believing that their spouses are abusive because they love them too much. They fabricate and believe any excuse to stay in the relationship.

Love addiction requires help

Love addiction is a serious psychological state of mind that requires urgent help. You just got your heart broken but still possess control over your emotions, then you definitely are not a love addict. If you haven’t lost the sense of who you are and working towards forgetting about your ex and moving on with your life, you are not an addict. Although most relationships exhibit similar signs every now and then, there is a consistent pattern in love addicts. If not controlled, this can lead to dangerous levels where personal harm or danger to others may occur.

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