Top five Signs your boyfriend is about to break up


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Signs your boyfriend is about to break up?

All relationships are never guaranteed to last a life time as there are the sunny days and the rainy days as well. The worst case happens when your relationship takes a nose dive and the signs boyfriend break up is so eminent. In any unhealthy relationship, there is always the risk that it will end and this may be mutually or either of you having caused it. Prior to the break up, usually there are warning signs and red flags to look for. It is better to be prepared well in advance for any eventuality lest you end up being shocked, hurt or even sending your life into a tailspin. The following are top five signs your boyfriend is about to break up with you:

Less communication

Though the loss of communication doesn’t hit you right then, if you boyfriend wants to break up he will definitely reduce any communication as he plots a way out to break up with you quietly. You will note a change in the way he responds to either your calls or texts, for instance he may not return your calls or texts for days at a time as he used to when the relationship was still steamy and will always find an excuse for it.

More fighting

Any healthy relationship can have fights as this is inevitable, it is normal but if you notice your man seems to be picking fights even at the flimsiest of things, know this could be a sign of a break up. Getting into frequent arguments unnecessarily is a sure way that he is trying to distant himself from you and the relationship. This is an attempt to build up tension and eventually take some of the blame off him and make you to blame.

Avoiding being around you

This is just the way some men are, instead of facing you head on and telling you what is up, they avoid you as much as possible. He seizes being the same man who showed he cared when things were still ok in the relationship. At one point in your relationship, the two of you seemed inseparable, you used to have a strong connecting bond but you realize this has taken an opposite direction completely and you don’t feel loved anymore.

Rare love words

The three special words usually shared between lovers become rare, the words” I love you’ and other niceties he used to call you become rare and if used they seem forced hence lacking meaning and purpose. When the love within him stops, he will try to cut you off emotionally and that would be a sign that he wants to opt out in the relationship.

Hangs out more with his friends

Last but not least, if your boyfriend prefers to hang out alone with his friends and doesn’t include you as he used to, it is an obvious sign that something is wrong. This shows he wants to distance himself away from you and try to avoid you so as to spend less time with you. When all this signs are noticed with some frequency, it is time save yourself the hurt and end the relationship, this may help you avoid wasting any more of your time on dead end relationships.

Get over a break up and moving on

It is not so easy when a relationship ends as this would turn your whole world upside down and bring forth all sorts of painful feelings. However, whenever you noticed the signs your boyfriend is about to break up, there are several ways of getting through this period and moving on.

First accept the situation hard as it may seem and recognize that it is ok to harbor different feelings. It is normal to feel angry, sad, frustrated and confused but with time this feelings will subside. The best thing you need to do now is accept the reality like a grown up. One thing you should try to avoid is never take it alone because the feelings might kill you, sharing your feelings with friends or family is a sure way of getting through this hurting phase. You can opt to join support group where you can share your experience as this would ease the pain and realize that it is at times normal. Consider giving yourself a break and take time for self-reflection, have sufficient time to heal and re-energize. Time will always make you forgive and forget. You may as well decide to go online on dating sites as a way of getting it off your mind and moving on.


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