What Causes Relationship Failures?


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What Causes Relationship Failures? 

There are many reasons for relationship failures that most people in a relationship do not know. Breaking up with your loved one is never an easy task, and this is why most people undergo a serious stress and depression. This article will help you understand the causes of such failures, and will guide you to stay in a healthier relationship for a longer period of time. You could simply avoid these failures and your love life could have higher chances to last longer. Many researches show us when you are not in a position to sustain a good relationship; you are most likely struggling towards living a fulfilled life. Below are some of the causes of relationship failures:

  1. Jealousy and Distrust

This is the one of leading cause for separation. It is common for both men and women in a relationship to have friends of opposite sex. Such friendship may cause distrust and lead to an extent that one of the partners suspects something odd. At such a point, jealousy develops and the suspecting partner usually starts monitoring the moves of the other one. We may feel that our relationship is not secure any more. We may even start hating our partner’s friend. At this point, relationship is most likely in trouble. If we still insist to take this certain friend out, or start to spend time with this friend of the opposite sex, the situation could turn much worse. It can even result in a fight because affected partner never wants to see his or her partner spending time with this “suspected friend”. Unfortunately, there are countless relationships that have failed because of jealousy and distrust.

  1. Emotional Attachment

There are many people who do not understand the difference between true love and emotional attachment. Emotional attachment is a main factor of relationship failures, because you require too much partners’ attention and presence too often. What if they are not here? Maybe they are not for your attention and thoughts at the moment? Or simply they are in the middle of something and do not have time to reply to you asap? In such cases, some people feel unsecured and then become jealous and overreact. They will not able to do some activities without the presence of the other partner. In fact for some instances, one may not be able to eat or do other activities when neglected by the partner. Such relationships can not last long.

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  1. Selfishness

This is a common problem affecting most of the relationships. This is where a partner in a relationship is self-centered and always wants to be considered first. This leads to pride and ego. No one wants to live with such a partner because their union will be dominated by pride, need of recognition and fights without recognition of others. It reaches a point where the other partner is fed up and let it go. Therefore, to maintain a relationship for long, one should be willing to listen to the other partner and respect his or her opinion.

  1. Insufficient Time Together

This is another cause of relationship failures in most cases. There are some instances where one of the partners is too busy, and there is not enough time to relax together as partners should. One can be engaged in business, work or even hanging out with friends and colleagues. This is considered a serious cause of relationship failures because one of the partners feels lonely and neglected. Therefore, when in a relationship, having some time to stay with your partner is paramount.

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Understand these Issues and Avoid your Relationship Failures

Those are the four main causes of relationship failures and if they are eliminated in any relationship, the involved parties can stay together forever without further issues. According to some researches, the above mentioned factors affect most relationships especially at the early stages. Therefore, if you are in a relationship, eliminate those four issues and be assured of a stable relationship.


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