Why a Guy Doesn’t Text Back


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Why a Guy Doesn’t Text Back

There are many instances where you text your boyfriend but you do not get a feedback as he fails to text back. Have you ever asked yourself why he doesn’t text back? There are many reasons as to why a guy does not text you back. It may be because of the people he is with, maybe he has no free texts or even he may be irritated by the conversation. However, it is important to know when to text so that in case you do not get his reply, you can easily tell what is going on. Most ladies make some funny conclusions when they do not get a feedback. Below are some of the reasons as to why a guy doesn’t text back:

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1.He Is Fed Up With Your Texts

It is not just about sending him messages any time you feel like. There are some ladies who text their men many times in a day. Not all men are up to this idea as it become irritating and boring. He may choose to ignore some texts out of monotony. Just text him once or twice in a day and it is enough. It does not mean that when you do not text him many times in a day you do not care. Therefore, he may not reply your texts because he is bored by the frequency at which you text him.

2.He Is Busy

This is another possible reason as to why he may fail to text back. He may be in a meeting or engaged in an activity that cannot even allow him replay your texts. In such a case, you have to be patient until that moment you are sure he is out of work or he is resting. If he does not reply your text, then there are other reasons. In fact you should be able to know the time he is busy and when he is resting. If possible, you should avoid sending him texts when is busy unless there is an emergency.

3.He Is Spending Time with Another Lady

This applies mainly when your man is dating another woman. Obviously he does not want her to know you. He will try as much as possible to hide your texts and in the process, he does not text back. However, he may be with other friends not necessarily a lady and he does not want them to know that he is ever chatting with his girlfriend.

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4. They Are Afraid To Say What They Feel

This is another reason as to why some men fail to text back. They do not want to reveal their actual feeling which may eventually hurt. In such a case, they fail to reply text messages and they choose to remain silent. In most cases, it is not easy to know such men but they are there!

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You do not Have to Take it Personally!

Those are some of the reasons as to why he may not text back. It is important to understand them and know when each is applicable. Never make premature judgments but get to understand what is happening first.


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