Why Women Love To Play The Guessing Game


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Why Women Love To Play The Guessing Game

It’s common knowledge by now that women are more emotionally involved compared to men. This is when it comes to romantic relationships. This is also the biggest factor why women love to play the guessing game. They often say or do things that men find very difficult to understand. Men end up scratching their heads trying to decipher what their girlfriend is trying to say. The truth is that this is a very common strategy among women. Some of us enjoy looking at the confused faces of men. In many ways, it’s our own defense mechanism in ensuring that our men truly care about us.

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Here’s a quick overview

We want you to figure it out on yourself

1. We want to tell you something but we need you to figure it out on yourself. One of the ways we do this is through sarcasm. It’s our way of testing if you are really interested in learning about our needs and wants. If you are able to guess or figure out what we’re trying to communicate, that would be added plus points on your side. We’ll love you more. It’s as simple as that.

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We enjoy playing hard to get

2. We enjoy playing hard to get. This is what we refer to as romantic pride. We make you feel like we are not interested in you just to see if you’ll keep in pursuing us. Sometimes, we’ll send you the right signals then pull back when you try to respond. You’ll end up scratching your head even more from confusion. In these instances, you shouldn’t be discouraged. For most cases, the men who get the women they desire are the ones who are persistent, even if they’ve been rejected too many times. So In short, patience is one of the secrets on how to play the guessing game.

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Women are not in a rush to enter into relationship

3. We want to bide our time and make sure that you are the right man. Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t in a rush to enter into a new romantic relationship. Let us don’t fret if we give you the silent treatment during the early days, weeks, or months of our courtship. Of course, patience varies from one woman to another. Just don’t expect us to say “yes” to everything you ask of us. In fact, we tend to be more attracted to men who knows how to take “no” for an answer.


You need to work hard for our affection

4. We want men to work hard for our affection. We hate it when men say we are easy to get. This is why a lot of us make it difficult for men who court or woe us. We treat it like a challenge. If a man is up for it, good. If he’s not, well, we can always move on to the next suitor.

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In conclusion, when women play the guessing game, they are actually showing signs of interest instead of rejection. As the man, it’s up to you to figure this out and work it to your advantage. Understanding all of the things discussed above will make it a lot easier for you to get the affection of any woman you desire.


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