Top 4 Reasons Why Women Test Men


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The Reasons Why Women Test Men

There are many reasons as to why women test men. Most of the beautiful ladies who are mostly approached by men devise ways to put men to test. This usually happens before they can accept to move on with them. They subject them to such tests so as to know some vital traits they want in a relationship. The way a man reacts to any test reveals a lot about the necessary information needed. Most women are interested with men who are always by their side no matter the situation. However, most men fail to pass the tests subjected to them. Below are some of the reasons as to why women test men:

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1.It Is A Defense Mechanism To Most Women

There are many women who do not want to be taken for granted and they will always want to proof to men that they are not easy going. They will subject men who approach them to a lot of challenging questions and try to convince them that they are not gullible. In most cases when they are with their fellow women, they hide the easy going nature. Others even explain to them how men struggle to win them. The funny thing is that the tests will not last long if a man is determined to win her. She will eventually give up if the main reason for the test is to proof that she is not easy going.

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2.It Is One Of The Screening Process

It is the wish of every woman to be approached by a responsible man. However, it may not be easy for most ladies to identify such men without subjecting them to a test. They want to get more information about the character of the man approaching them. This is the easiest way of getting a genuine man because they will not know the objective of the test. In the long run, she will be in a position to get a genuine man with the traits she like.

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3.Ego Inflation

It is the joy of every woman to be chased by men and that is why most of women test men. When a woman take some time to give in to a man and subject him to some tests, she will inflate her ego. In fact most men will be scared. She will be seen to be determined and principled. Therefore, the more a man convince a woman to accept his proposal, the more she built her reputation.

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4.Peer Pressure From Other Women

There are other women who tell their stories to other women and even convince them to do the same. This means that not all tests that men undergo are genuine. There are some that are vague and such women do it just because others are doing. However, in such cases, men easily realizes and they play their cards well to win them.

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React in a Smart Way

Those are some of the reasons as to why women test men. It is therefore important for men to understand that there are instances they must be tested and they should always act in a smart way. This allows them win women easily.



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